Body Composition Tests

The Bodystat 1500MDD provides the most accurate Body Composition Tests here in Norwich at Phoenix Gym

If you want to know what your current body composition is (how much fat, muscles and water your have) to measure your results and also know how healthy your cells are then you can’t beat the Bodystat 15ooMDD test. Most bio electrical scales you find on the shopping channel or within large gyms are highly inaccurate because they do not take into account many different factors. And this inaccuracy can cause a lot of problems when trying to measure your progress. The Bodystat 1500MDD is rated the gold standard for just body composition testing under only the DEXA scan. If you want accurate, repeatable results then don’t settle for anything less than the best.

Body stat tester at Phoenix gym

What The Phoenix Body Composition Test Measures:

  • Your body weight
  • Your body fat % (plus what it should be)
  • Your muscle mass (plus what it should be)
  • Your BMR (your daily calories requirement & what it should be)
  • Your body fat mass index (and what it should be)
  • Your fat-free mass index (and what it should be)
  • Your hip to waist ratio (and what it should be)
  • Your intra and extracellular water levels (and what they should be)
  • Your Phase angle and wellness marker (how healthy you and your cells are)
  • Neck down tape measurements (optional)
  • Your blood pressure
  • Your resting heart rate

DO NOT trust the scales alone!!!

When you exercise you will likely gain some muscle, the ability to store glycogen (carbohydrates as energy with water) in your muscles and as a result these will add some weight. So as you lose body fat BUT gain muscle and glycogen weight, the scales will not always give you a true reflexion of your hard work which can be incredibly frustrating. Measuring body fat, muscle mass and water weight are far more effective as a motivational tool by seeing specific results in black and white in front of you. If you lose 7lbs of fat but initially increase 5lb muscle and glycogen to help build and boost your metabolism, then you will only notice a 2lb difference on the scales! So rather than feeling deflated and demotivated it spurs you on to keep doing what you are doing and as a result keep seeing good results from your efforts.

Interesting FACT:

For every extra pound of muscle that you gain this will increase your metabolism by around 15-50 calories a day dependant on how active you are. That’s a significant factor for future maintenance of your new body and health! More muscle = higher metabolism = you can eat more without gaining fat!

As you start lifting weights to tone up and burn fat, you will not keep gaining muscle (unless this is your goal). So for fat loss purposes you will eventually see more of a difference on the scales with “weight” as your extra muscle may stay at seven extra lbs but you will lose the 30lb (for example), so that’s a 23lb reduction on the scales. But you may not see this initially unless you measure body fat levels.

If your goal is to build good quality lean muscle then likewise you will want to make sure that the extra “weight” on the scales is muscle and not a load of extra fat from “bulking” and eating a load of foods that will make you over fat.

Tailor Your Workouts Towards Motivational Outcomes!

Your first Body Composition Test will act as a baseline, and following tests will show the subsequent results. Our expert personal trainers will help feedback the results and go through the results with you and see where you can make improvements towards your next test. Put simply the Phoenix Body Composition Test helps you “Raise your Game!” rather than looking the same as you did last year and the year before. A few targeted tweaks to your eating plan and workouts can make all the difference to your enjoyment of working out and exercise lifestyle!

What should I be???

The picture below shows the readings that are taken along with some examples of what they should be so that you can set targets for future tests. The health scores are an important factor with this test because they can let you know if your are under eating or over exercising/training. Your health scores should either be staying the same or improving as your progress with your body composition results. Our personal trainers can help steer you in the right direction if the results are not where they need to be so that you can feel confident acting appropriately on the feedback from the test.

A Phoenix Body Composition Test costs just £20 for around 20-30 minutes depending on your needs. To book your test either call reception on 01603 613 436 or contact us here

Advanced Whole Body Composition Analysis Infographic