Cardio Fitness & General Weights

Cardio Fitness and General Weights Zone in the Gym.

Cardio Fitness.

The cardio fitness and general weights area has everything you need for general fitness and strength, toning, mobility and fat loss.

Our unique, friendly atmosphere and easy to navigate Cardio room lay out allows you to feel extremely at ease and comfortable during your workouts. Having everything you need for general fitness and weight training in this one room allows you to workout in most time efficient way possible.

Cardio fitness and general weights in room one at Phoenix Gym.

Why our members LOVE this room.

Our members often refer to the ‘good vibe’ in this room. Here we have all the usual cardio machines such as treadmills, bikes, steppers, rowers, summit trainers and an arc trainer. We also have some unique cardio equipment, for example, the ‘Cybex SPARC trainer’ and the ‘Escalator Style” Stepmill are fantastic for short bursts of intense HIIT cardio. HIIT training has been shown in many studies to produce better results than longer duration slow boring cardio for fat loss, fitness improvement, stress relief and long term health. These unique machines are high-endĀ for comfort, style, variety and ease of use!

The Machines / Equipment

The total body weights area within our Cardio room, hosts a variety of full body machines and stations so you wont need to keep moving between areas or rooms to perform a great full body workout. The main upper body Machines are genuine Hammer strength brand which are extremely robust and smooth to use. We are also home to the only Cybex Bravo Cable Machine in Norfolk which is a perfect machine to use for full body functional training.

Please note: we have Personal trainers and Staff on board to help you with these at all times if you have any questions regarding using anything within any of our rooms. Just click our Personal Trainer/staff page for more information or pop and see the guys at reception.

Our members like to train hard to achieve results so you will rarely see anyone just sitting around talking on their phones or looking lost. Here at phoenix the work ethic and friendly atmosphere is contagious making it a truly fantastic environment to really work hard and feel ultra comfortable whilst your doing so!

What our members say...

I love this room – its just got everything I need all in one place if I need to do anything at all within my program which saves me so much time and energy! If I need the bigger weights in the other room I have that choice also .. love it!”

Steph T - Norwich

Here is some of the weights equipment in this area:

A Squat Rack, Power rack, Max Rack, Assisted Pull up/Dip machine, Bench Presses, Dumbbells from 1-35kg, adjustable benches, Cybex Cable DAP Machine, Lying and seated leg presses, Lying and seated leg curl, Glute machines, chest press, shoulder press, 2 x pull down options, a low row, a hip thruster, foam rollers, mats for stretching and more…

As well as our cardio suite this area hosts 3 places to squat (the rest of the gym has 8 in total)

What is the Phoenix Difference?

Diet is 80% of Fat loss!!!

It's a sad truth BUT you can't out train a bad diet! When exercising to lose the wobbly bits you need to combine the right mix of weights, cardio and most importantly the foods that you eat. Our Personal Trainers can show you just the right combination to help you achieve results consistently! A Phoenix M.O.T can show you whether you are achieving results or not and we can then give you just the right detailed advice you need to tip the fat loss scales in your favour!

Cardio for Fat Loss

The 3 best times to do cardio for fat loss are first thing in the morning before breakfast so that you are in a fasted state, 3-4 hours after a meal (again so you are in a fasted state) or straight after your weights workout! Although if you are doing weights first then you will want to eat 1-2 hours pre workout first. This will fuel an intense weights workout first and then a highly flammable fat loss state as not only are you in a fasted state but you have also depleted other energy stores and released fat loss hormones to assist this process.

Weight & Fat Loss

Weight training is incredibly important for long term fat loss & maintenance because muscle is metabolically active. This means that the more muscle you have the more fat you burn! Studies show that doing just long bouts of low intensity cardio whilst dieting can actually make you lose muscle mass, lower your metabolism and lead to weight gain! If you perform cardio (ideally fasted) the day after an intense weights workout then you will be burning even more fat as energy because your body will be tired and having to work harder!

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