Covid-19 Info (March-July 20)

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Whilst Phoenix was closed, we have made numerous “extensive refurbishments” to both greatly improve our clubs training experience as well as comply with government legislation for re-opening safely.


These refurbishments include: 

  • Brand new changing rooms including showers, vanity units, benches and toilets. Plus, slightly increasing the size of the mens changing room and adding private changing cubicles in the ladies changing room.
  • We now have a new touch-less speed gate system, using your personalised in app QR code for quick and easy and exit.
  • We have new spacious, antibacterial lockers that just require a padlock to use. We also have smaller, convenient wallet/keys/phone lockers that also require a padlock.
  • We have knocked out walls and a narrow corridor between training rooms to greatly increase the space to move around and exercise freely, plus we have also replaced the flooring throughout the entire gym.
  • All our doors have the option to push or pull them open and closed via a foot plate, so that you don’t have to use door handles and we have 14 hand sanitise/cleaning stations conveniently positioned around the club.
  • Face masks are optional but not mandatory for training within Phoenix Gym. We have moved all our equipment around and sufficiently spaced it out to meet government guidelines for social distancing. The new improvements have helped us achieve this greatly and where two metres can not be met we have protective screens.
  • Rather that selling supplements behind reception, we now have a vending machine that takes both cash or touch-less card. This provides drinks, protein bars, healthy snacks as well convenient “ready to go” pre, intra and post workout supplements.
  • Even our water fountain machine now has a foot pedal rather than a push button activation.
  • We have installed extra extraction and air flow measures to meet government recommendations. This ensures that the air is replaced quickly and consistently all throughout the day.
  • We have also replaced the lighting throughout the entire gym, added extra mirrors, speakers, blinds and health and safety features.
  • We are providing every member with a personal cleaning spray bottle and cloth to carry around with you whilst training. This not only improves your convenience wiping machines down after use, it also ensures nobody else “forgets!”

Other Info For You:

We have an optional booking system which is available through the member app. This shows you how many people are within the club, how many people are on their way as well as the maximum capacity.

This feature also shows you the busiest days and times during the week if you want to avoid the peak times. The booking system will mainly be necessary for the peak times to ensure that we maintain the necessary social distancing numbers within the club.


We have had a thorough deep clean and also anti-viral fogging on every surface within Phoenix Gym, which lasts up to 30 days by a specialist cleaning company.

We are also cleaning all touch points multiple times per day, all the equipment gets cleaned every day also and we ask that all members wipe down the equipment after use, hence us providing you with your own bottle and cloth to carry around with you.

New Covid-19 Gym Rules

Due to government legislation there are strict rules that gym members must follow, these are:

  • Maintain social distancing.
  • Always put your weights away and wipe the equipment you use down after use.
  • No “spotting” or “sharing” equipment is allowed (AKA working in) with people that are not from the same household.
  • You can use the changing facilities but avoid this if possible by coming to the gym already changed or showering at home.
  • Wash your hands and or use the hand sanitisers regularly.
  • The important guidelines to catch your sneeze or cough is especially important inside a building, then sanitise/wash.
  • No gym towels are allowed, you must use the disposable blue roll and cleaning products provided.


We are recommending that you join online prior to coming down to Phoenix although you can join after you have had a gym tour of course.

If you have a smart phone then we can show you how to join online yourself to avoid sharing surfaces.

You can Join Online Here. 👍

Book a Gym Tour

If you would like a 1-2-1 tour to take a look around then just Contact Us Here and let us know that your would like to book in a gym tour.

See You Soon

We look forward to seeing you all soon and much love from Team Phoenix. 👍😍🏋️‍♀️🤸‍♀️

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