Legs, Cross Fitness, Boxing & Conditioning Zones

Phoenix Gym Norwich Room Three Conditioning Zone with cross fitness

Cross fitness and sports conditioning training zone.

This cross fitness and multi-functional training Room is a huge spacious area that houses not one but three comprehensive training zones!

Leg training zone

Our leg training zone is guaranteed to make you go weak at the knees with an assortment of plate loaded and pin selection stations for your quads, hamstrings and calves. There is a 45 degree leg press, hack squat, Vertical squat, squat rack, standing hamstring, seated bent leg calf, seated straight leg calf, donkey calf and standing calf.

Now there are NO excuses to skip leg day!

Cross fitness at Phoenix gym Norwich Gyms in Norwich don't have this but phoenix gym Norwich do for cross fitness

Our Cross fitness and sports conditioning training zone is a spacious multi functional training area that is great for people who either have specific sports conditioning training goals, enjoy Cross fitness style training or just love to do something completely different and fun with their fitness training. This area is like an exercise playground and you can put yourself through various multi station Phoenix fitness challenges that are up on the walls ready to challenge you.

Your equipment

This area boasts 2 x 3 by 2 Olympic lifting platform and bumper plates, a prowler on a 15 metre astroturf track, a yoke, farmers walk, tyres to flip and hammer, plyometric boxes, kettle bells, slam balls, power bags, battling ropes, hanging rings, gymnastics bars, a TRX suspension trainer, tricep dip and abb training stations.

This is an area dedicated to stamina, speed, strength, skill and spirit!

Boxing and martial arts zone.

This area is a dedicated boxing, kick boxing and martial arts fitness training area. If you love your fighting fitness then here you can punch away at your choice of 4 punch bags, a wall pad or a 6 foot kick bag with a MMA matted area around it so that you can go bare footed, this area really has it all. There unique wall pad is great for combination punching and footwork and there are also medicine balls for body conditioning and plyometrics. The bag selection has a lighter bag for beginners and ladies, a heavier bag for the more experienced big hitters, a 3 in 1 floor to ceiling bag for sharp precision punching and footwork and the 6 foot bag for kick boxing and martial arts.

There is no glory in training but without training there is no glory!

There are no classes within these zones so you can just turn up and train whenever you want to on whatever you want to!

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What is the Phoenix Difference?

Full Body H.I.I.T Cardio Rules

H.I.I.T or High Intensity Interval Training has been shown in many studies to help you burn more body fat quicker than performing long duration, low intensity cardio (on a cross trainer for example). But because both low intensity and high intensity both work when done strategically it helps to understand the 2 and when and how to do them for whatever results you are looking for. If you are in a hurry and only train 2-3 times per week then H.I.I.T training is likely better for you but if your a gym warrior and weight train 3-5 days per week then low intensity may be a wiser choice. Our Personal Trainers can help you decide which is best for you.

Full Body VS Body Parts

Full body functional training is fun, burns a lot of energy in a short time, improves fitness, mental focus, relieves stress, improves general or sports specific conditioning and burns fat. Although if your goal is to majorly tone up or build muscle then you will want to focus your precious time on more specific weight training, isolating specific body parts with a higher volume of sets. If you are short on time and want to get a bit of everything then combining specific exercises full body H.I.I.T movements together in the same workout may be best for you. Ask an expert Personal Trainer which is best for you!

Functional Training at it’s best!

Full body movements burn more energy than isolation movements and are usually the most fun because it's like being back in the playground! Boxing fitness is immense for fitness and by far the best stress reliever hence our selection of punch bags for you to choose from. The prowler is an exciting challenge pushing the sled over the astroturf (especially when you time it) and tyre flipping, battling ropes, power bags and slam balls are all such full body movements that get your endorphins pumping! These are also way more fun than basic cardio machines. Ask an expert Personal Trainer to help you make the most out of your workouts!

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