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Dedicated Weights Room Gym in Norwich

Dedicated Weights Room at Phoenix.

So what do we have in this  Dedicated Weights Room?? Free Weight, Plate Loaded, Cable, Power Racks & Platforms! This Strength Zone is weight Power lifting Paradise! You can feel to just let loose and just be yourself here to workout hard, grunt and groan with well equipped heavier weights! 
Dedicated Weights Room at Gyms in Norwich we know Phoenix gym is the Place

The Sterling plate loaded equipment here is extremely well made, robust, smooth, reliable and fantastic quality! Whether you prefer free weight or plate loaded equipment we have it all. This room is very popular with athletes, bodybuilders, powerlifters and weight lifting enthusiasts but has a atmosphere that all members can feel comfortable in regardless of your experience. A lot of ladies love to use this room also as ladies need to lift also…

What you have to choose from:

We have a durable range of cast iron dumbbells ranging from 5k to 65k in weight along with adjustable benches.  These dumbbells are not coated in rubber so you can see and feel the steel. These dumbbells are rated as best for Body Building . We also host a range of free weight bench presses for incline, flat and decline, adjustable incline/shoulder press, a multi function life fitness cable machine, Jordan rubber coated barbells from 10-55kg and a preacher curl bench and tricep extension, lat pulldown and pullover machine.

This room also has a great selection of sterling plate loaded equipment ready to use.  Also available are chest and shoulder press, seated row, lat pulldown, chest supported T-bar row and preacher curl.

We also have 2 Sterling half power racks with integrated deadlift platforms as well as another power rack so lots of places to squat.  Deadlifting along with plenty of Barbells including 4 x RAM bars and 2 ATX power bars are available throughout the gym.

What our members say...

I Love the gym being so ‘multi-functional’, whether you love cardio, bodybuilding or cross fittness etc, there is just something for everyone. I like the old school iron plates and classic style machines”

Li Dawson - Norwich

Never feel uneasy about using equipment here at Phoenix.

If you are new to bodybuilding, Power lifting or  strength training then we have very experienced and fully qualified trainers on our team.  Staff are always  happy to help advise you on the right techniques. Our Trainers can also advise on  rep ranges and correct form to achieve your training goals.  If you are lifting heavy on your own then fear not as there will likely always be someone near by who can spot you and lend some encouragement or banter.

What is the Phoenix Difference?

Diet can provide 40-60% of your Muscle Gains

When you first start weight training your muscles will respond quickly to the over load and grow. As you increase in muscle mass you will need to eat more of the right foods to keep gaining results. This is why at that point you need to combine the progressive overload of weight training with effective nutrition to aid recovery and growth. And don't fall into the trap of "bulking" and using this as an excuse to eat junk food because your muscle recovery and quality will be proportionate to your nutrition quality.

You Have to Mix Things Up!

When weight training you will inevitably hit plateaus in results. When this happens first make sure that you have got the basics right with your diet and training programme (An Expert Personal Trainer can help) and then you can look at switching things up a bit. Try a different routine, training different body parts on different days, change the exercise order, reps, recovery time, speed of reps and of course the equipment that you use to get those gains going again! Not only will this provide better results but also super boost your motivation for doing something different!

The little things can make the biggest differences!

When you first start lifting the gains come quick and easy (5kg here, 10kg there) and then you have to focus on the little wins (an extra rep or two or an extra 1.25-2.5kg) consistently over a long time. This requires both trust in what you are doing and patience so that you don't quit with unrealistic expectations! It will take time, it will be hard work but it will be worth it! We have expert Personal Trainer that can help you make just the right tweaks to help you get over any plateaus and into Gainsville!!!

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