FIT3D Body Scanner – Track your Weight Loss Results in Norwich

The Fit3D Body Scanner takes just 40 seconds to complete and gives you a comprehensive body composition assessment including body fat and lean mass along with full body measurements, health comparisons such as trunk to leg volume ratio and a detailed postural assessment.

The greatest benefit of the FIT3D Body Scanner is that it has 3 infrared HD cameras that capture 1200 images and then creates a highly accurate avatar of you in 3D, so that you can actually see what you look like from every angle! There is no hiding from this Body Scanner which is immensely motivational!

You simply create an online account and the detailed report is emailed directly to you within just a few minutes. Your account is completely private and you can also share your report with a personal trainer if you choose to. Subsequent scans provide a comprehensive before and after so that you can accurately track your progress and then know what to focus on in and improve.

The 7 Top Benefits of using the FIT3D Body Scanner

  • You get a HUGE dose of Motivation by knowing “exactly” where you are now
  • You get 100% accountability to yourself or a trainer, rather than burying your head in the sand and avoiding mirrors
  • You get to visually see the improvements you are making in 3D with detailed before and after comparisons
  • You get to measure your progress in complete privacy and only share your results when and if you want to
  • You get a detailed postural analyses to see what you need to work on with your training
  • You get to make sure that the weight you are losing is coming from fat and not hard earned muscle
  • You get to know what to work on in order to improve your health and help to avoid common health conditions

Accurate Feedback

If you are dieting alone without weight training then studies have shown that you could lose up to 40% of that weight as muscle, which then slows your metabolism down and causes “rebound” to re gain the weight you lost plus more! By combining weight training with a sensible diet, the Fit3D Body Scanner will not only track your visual shape along with full body measurements, it will let you know whether you are losing, maintaining or gaining muscle mass which is crucial for the success of long term weight management.

Tailored Advice

At Phoenix Gym we not only provide the most comprehensive feedback with the Fit3D Body Scanner, we also have the most experienced team of personal trainers in Norfolk. This combination of measurement, feedback and advice means that you are not only phenomenally motivated, you are also able to achieve the greatest results in the shortest amount of time with knowledgable and experienced advice!

Fit3D Body Scan Prices

Non-Phoenix Gym Members – £20

Phoenix Standard Members – £10

Phoenix Premium Members – FREE

What to Expect

  • You can book your scan by either calling or emailing the Phoenix Gym Reception below.
  • You pay for your scan at the Gym Reception and they will provide you with entry into the Private Body Scanning room.
  • You will want to wear as little as possible and any clothing must be skin tight for accurate measurement and assessment.
  • Just follow the instructions on the screen, step onto the scanner, the foot plate will rotate for 40 seconds and you are done.
  • The system will email you 3 different emails. A welcome email, a body composition breakdown and a postural assessment.
  • You will then have your motivational report which you can access via your email or online account.
  • If you would like to know how to improve your shape and results for your next scan then you can view our team of personal trainers in reception or view PTs online here.

Booking Your Body Scan is Easy

To book your FIT3D Pro-Scan just call: 01603 613 436 or email us at You can also drop in and ask at reception but we can not guarantee availability straight away without booking.