Phoenix Gym Classes Norwich

Phoenix Classes in Norwich are FREE with your Gym Membership or just £5 on a “Pay as You Go” basis!

You can book classes conveniently through our Phoenix Gym member app. You will sent a link to the app automatically on joining up or paying for a class. Apply now for a FREE DAY GYM PASS! (T&C’s apply)

New Class Timetable from October 19


6.30am: Spinning / 50 minutes

9.30am: Functional Fitness / 30 minutes

5.30pm: Spinning / 50 minutes

6.30pm: Pilates Fitness / 50 minutes


6.30am: Functional Fitness / 30 minutes

9.30am: Fitter & Stronger / 50 minutes

5.30pm: Boxing Fitness / 45 minutes

6.20 pm: Boxing Fitness / 45 minutes


6.30am: Boxing Fitness / 45 minutes

9.30am: Boxing Fitness / 45 minutes

5.30pm: Sculpt and Burn / 50 minutes

6.30pm: Kickboxing Fitness / 55 minutes


6.30am: Fitter & Stronger / 50 minutes

9.30am: Sculpt and Burn / 50 minutes

5.30pm: Sculpt and Burn / 50 minutes

6.30pm: Yoga / 1 hour


6.30am: Functional Fitness / 30 minutes

9.30am: Yoga / 1 hour

5.30pm: Fitness Pilates  / 50 minutes

6.30pm: Fitter & Stronger / 50 minutes


9.00am Functional Fitness / 30 minutes

10.00am Boxing Fitness / 45 minutes

To keep up to date with any timetable changes that may occur and class booking terms and conditions then follow us on facebook here.

Full Descriptions and Details for All Gym Classes

  • Boxing Fitness

    Boxing Fit is a fun, action-packed workout in our private boxing studio. This is a fitness class only (no contact!) and suitable for both ladies and gent of all...

  • Sculpt & Burn

    A full body weights/toning and fitness workout aimed specifically towards “Fat Loss" whilst also “Toning”.

  • Functional Fitness

    Picture of Function Fitness Training Zone

    If you find conventional cardio boring and general classes don’t get you any results then this class is for you.

  • Fitness Pilates

    Fitness Pilates aims to offset muscular-skeletal imbalances, improve posture, movement quality, mobility, flexibility and core strength

  • Spinning

    Spinning is a “high energy” group fitness class on spinning bikes, with the coloured lights loud music and all.

  • Fitter & Stronger

    A circuit based class that uses free weights, cables and bodyweight exercises to get you stronger and fitter in a fun, group training atmosphere

  • Kickboxing Fitness

    A fun full body fitness and conditioning workout that incorporates kickboxing movements and techniques and can be adjusted to suit all abilities.

  • Functional Yoga

    Picture of people in yoga class

    Combines both static and dynamic movements to improve your functional flexibility, mobility and over all performance.