Phoenix Gym Classes in Norwich

Due to Covid-19 – classes are temporarily not running but we will reassess this each month based on Government Guidelines. 

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Full Descriptions and Details for All Gym Classes

  • Boxing Fit @ Home

    boxing fitness at phoenix gym norwich

    Boxing Fit is a fun, action-packed workout in our private boxing studio. This is a fitness class only (no contact!) and suitable for both ladies and gent of all...

  • Pilates @ Home

    pILATES CLASSES AT Phoenix Gym Norwich

    Pilates aims to offset muscular-skeletal imbalances, improve posture, movement quality, mobility, flexibility and core strength

  • Kickbox Fit @ Home

    kickboxing-fit classes in Norwich

    A fun full body fitness and conditioning workout that incorporates kickboxing movements and techniques and can be adjusted to suit all abilities.

  • Yoga @ Home

    Yoga Classes at Phoenix Gym Norwich

    Combines both static and dynamic movements to improve your functional flexibility, mobility and over all performance.

  • Bodyweight Circuits @ Home

    Circuit Training Classes at Phoenix Gym Norwich

    Bodyweight Circuits is a full body, fitness and toning workout that uses an assortment of bodyweight exercises to give you a complete full body workout! This focuses mainly on...

  • Total Burn @ Home

    Total Burn Class at Phoenix Gym norwich

    Total Burn Classes Norwich. This freestyle, total body workout combines aerobic and bodyweight exercises and is mainly lower body dominant to shape, tone and condition your legs with abs...

  • Booty Builder @ Home

    Booty Builder Class at Phoenix Gym Norwich

    This booty builder class is designed to build, shape and tone a good looking booty, whilst toning legs and waist for an hour glass figure. A functional mobility warm...

  • Recovery Roll @ Home

    Recovery Roll Class at Phoenix Gym Norwich

    Recovery Roll Class Norwich Recovery Roll is a class that has you using foam rollers and Lacrosse/tennis balls to perform various “top to toe” self massage exercises to alleviate...