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Phoenix Gym Norwich – Classes

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  • A Fit Body BootCamp

These classes will take place in our “Fully Equipped Private Personal Training Studio” rather than a “boring aerobics dance studio with minimal equipment” like most other gyms in Norwich. This studio is packed full of fun, body busting equipment including free weights, cable machines, a versa climber, spin bikes, core and functional training equipment. All specifically chosen to provide the most thorough “Full Body Conditioning” Workout possible. These classes are for those of you who know you need to do resistance training but find conventional gym training boring or intimidating. These classes are results driven, will help you shred body fat, improve your mobility, strength, endurance and Euphoric Energy! If you want to lift soup cans and don’t want to “work for it” then A Fit Body BootCamp is not for you!

  • Boxing Fit

These Boxing Fitness Sessions are held in our “Fully Equipped Private Boxing Studio” here at Phoenix Gym Norwich. Here we have a boxing ring, a varied selection of punch bags, a wall bag, water bags, skipping ropes (if you like to skip), mirrors and core training equipment. These classes are “boxing fitness only” so you can experience working out in a boxing ring and enjoying the intense, exhilarating training atmosphere without worrying about sparring or having to be technically experienced. These classes a great stress buster, ridiculously fun and are great for fitness, confidence and fat loss.

  • Function Fit

Function Fit is a very modern class in our new state of the art functional fitness area (AKA Playground). Here you will be putting yourself to the test by performing such exercises as pushing our prowler sled, tyre flip, tornado bike, skierg, climbing rope,  TRX, curved treadmill, land mine, kettlebells, power bags, jumping boxes and more. This area is designed to be fun like a playground so that although the class is highly effective at boosting your strength, fitness, energy and stamina, it also just feels like your having fun with friends. If your bored of the same old classes then this really is for you.

Competitive Boxing

If you want to train to compete in your very own boxing match and want to take your time and make sure you are ready and not be thrown into the deep end with an 8 or 12 week programme, then you can also take part in the “Ultimate Boxing Sessions” here at Phoenix Gym.  You can find out more about these classes here: Ultimate Boxing at Phoenix Gym Norwich

Other great classes will be coming soon based on members feedback to improve your mobility, flexibility, fitness and feel good factor!

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