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General information about Phoenix Gym

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General Information.

How long has Phoenix been open?

Phoenix Gym Norwich has been established since August 2013. Phoenix, like it’s members, has been growing from strength to strength winning multiple awards.

Is Phoenix a gym or a fitness club? 

Phoenix Gym is both a gym and fitness club combined. As well as offering all the usual cardiovascular and weight training equipment you would normally find in a gym, Phoenix also provides a lot of HIIT, strength and conditioning equipment, unique boxing equipment as well as a purpose built functional training zone, offering a wide variety of exercise options to make your workouts more exciting and prevent boredom by no two workouts being the same. The Phoenix Classes are also a fantastic way to get a fun, gym based workout in a supportive group training environment.

What is the Phoenix Culture and atmosphere like?

We believe that Phoenix Gym has one of the friendliest and most supportive training atmospheres in the UK. Everything we do is results focused for our members by not only providing the best training equipment and programme advice possible but also just as importantly an incredibly positive training atmosphere! Our motto “Raise your game” says it all! The Three Best Rated has ranked Phoenix Gym THE NO 1 BEST GYM IN NORWICH using a 50 point inspection process multiple times.

Do you have free parking at Phoenix?

Yes we have two free member car parks. You can choose from 14 spaces in car park one around the back of the gym within St Mary’s Works car park or another 14 spaces in car park 2 around the front of the gym. Gym members can park anywhere within the St Mary’s car park after 18:00 Monday to Friday and all day Saturdays and Sundays, providing over 100 spaces. There are also lot’s of free spaces directly outside the front and side of the gym both in the evenings after 18:00 and Sundays.

Once you join we will ask you to give us your car registration number and you are then free to park within our designated spaces during these times. NPE patrol theses spaces and there is a 3 hour time limit to ensure these spaces are used for gym use and by gym members only.

What are your opening hours?

Our opening hours are:

  • 05:30-22:00 Monday to Fridays.
  • 08:00-18:00 Saturdays
  • 09:00-18:00 Sundays
  • 08:00-20:00 Bank Holiday Mondays

When are there staff on shift to help me?

There is always at least one team member of staff on shift at all times. There are 2-3 team members on quite often as well as a team of personal trainers available within the club. There are never any unmanned hours where you will be left alone or the gym is unattended.

Do you have changing rooms?

Yes, we have changing facilities along with lockers and showers for both ladies and gents.

Do you have lockers?

Yes we provide lockers. All you need to bring is a padlock. If you do not have a padlock then one can be purchased from behind reception. We also provide bag racks within the gym for larger bags where you can keep an eye on them. We have cctv through the gym also.

Joining Phoenix Gym.

Can I have a trial session before joining?

Yes, you can apply for a free trial session here. T&C’s apply such as you must be new to Phoenix Gym or not visited the club for at least 12 months and live locally.

How can I join Phoenix?

You can either join online by clicking on the “Join Now” button and following the instructions or you can pop into the club and one of our team will help you, just bring your bank details with you. If you are setting up a student or corporate membership then you will need to bring the relevant ID with you on your first visit to the club. Students and corporate rates give you a “No Joining Fee” discount.

Will someone be available to show me around?

There is always at least one team member on shift (usually two) so that we can give you a 1-2-1 tour of the club and spend some time getting to know you and answer questions. If you would like to make sure that there is someone available to greet you and show you around personally then simply click on the “Book a Tour” button and we will get you booked in for your tour.

How much is it to join Phoenix Gym?

There is a one off “Life Time” joining fee of £15 and the monthly membership options are on the Memberships page here. You will also need to pay your first months membership up front and then following payments will come out via DD unless you have purchased an up front membership. If you pay for the year up front then you get 2 months free!

Do I have to sign up to a contract?

No. You will have the choice of both a discounted contract and non contract options. Our non-contract memberships start from just £24.99pm.

Can I pay up front?

Yes, you can pay for 12 month options up front for a super discounted rate. This is popular with people who do not want to set up a monthly DD and those that like a bargain.

Is there a joining fee?

Yes, there is a one off joining fee of £15. This does not have to be “re-paid” if you leave and then decide to rejoin like most other clubs. The joining fee covers administration fee’s.

Will I get an induction or an exercise programme?

Yes, you will receive a FREE 30-60 minute induction to show you all the main equipment relevant to your goals or you can choose to have a programme set up for you. You must contact reception to book this. Inductions are not compulsory but if you choose not to have an induction then you are agreeing to a waiver of induction training.

How do I book my FREE Programme/Induction?

You can book this through the club reception. If you join online then you can book this over the telephone for  your first visit. Call 01603 613436.

Will I get a membership card?

You will not need to worry about losing a membership card, at Phoenix we will set up your membership access through one of your finger prints. All you need to do is press your finger on the scanner when you enter the club in reception and this will bring up your membership status. We will also take your picture for our reference only. (Note: our data is not shared with any other company or organisation)

How can I take advantage of the free parking?

All you need to do is give us your vehicle registration when you join the club and you will be able to use the free parking facilities.

Do I need a bank account?

Our Contract and non contract DD memberships both require a valid UK bank account. If you prefer not to go through a bank account then you have the option to pay in advance for 12 months and save money as a result.

What date does the Direct Debit come out?

You will need to make a manual payment up front to cover your first month plus joining fee and your first DD will come out 30 days after the date that you joined. If you would prefer a specific DD date then this can be arranged both online or within the club when you join.

What is the minimum age I can join Phoenix Gym in Norwich?

The minimum age that you can join Phoenix Gym Norwich is 16 years of age.

Do you offer discounts for Students?

Yes we offer a discount for students. Students do not have to pay a joining fee. ID will need to be shown at reception to receive this.

Do you offer Corporate Discounts?

Yes we offer a discount for certain corporate rates. Qualifying corporate rate employees do not have to pay a joining fee. ID will need to be shown at reception to receive this.

Your First Session At Phoenix Gym.

What do I need to access the club as a new member?

When you have joined Phoenix and come in for your first session we will set you up on our system with our finger print scanner. All you then need to do is scan your fingerprint each time you enter the club so no need to worry about losing or forgetting a membership card or code.

Will there be anyone to help me get started?

Yes we always have one or two members of staff on shift daily to help you. When you first join you will offered a FREE programme/induction (usually within 5 days) to help you get started. This is not compulsory for experienced gym goes. Whatever your training goals are, we have a successful team of personal trainers to help to “Raise your Game!”

Will I get an induction or help with an exercise programme?

Yes, you will receive a FREE 30-60 minute session with one of our Phoenix Coaches to provide you with either an induction or help design you a Phoenix specific programme.

What happens if my finger print doesn’t work?

If your fingerprint doesn’t work for some reason then we will re set it up for you.

What if I forget my padlock or my bag doesn’t fit into the locker?

We sell padlocks behind reception if you need one and we also have bag racks available within the gym for larger bags. You will need to make sure that your bag will be able to fit into the lockers for valuables. Like any business we do not recommend that you leave valuables unattended on the bag racks or on the changing room benches even though there is CCTV throughout the gym.

Phoenix Membership

Will I have access to free WIFI whilst i’m within the club?

Yes, we provide super fast free wifi within Phoenix Gym.

Can I take a workout bag into the gym with me?

For health and safety reasons bags are not permitted within the gym floor. They must be either put within a locker or on the bag racks within the gym.

Will I get any help after my initial induction or programme?

Yes, after your initial induction/programme, our team of Phoenix Coaches are nearly always available to see how you are getting on and answer any questions that you have and help progress your exercise programme. If you would like more detailed help than we can provide during shift hours then all of our team provide 1-2-1 personal training out of their shift hours.

Can I freeze my membership?

Yes you can freeze your membership for a reduced rate membership of £5 for a minimum of 1 month and maximum of 6 months in any one year. A frozen month does not contribute towards a 12 month contract term. If you have to freeze your membership due to serious illness then you will not be charged the £5 fee. A doctors note must be presented to prove this. A minimum of 10 days must be given in order to set up a “freeze” membership option in time for the next DD. If you are on a non contract DD then there is no charge to freeze your membership.

Do you have showers I can use?

Yes, we have showers that you can use so you can use them after your workouts.

Can I earn rewards for referrals?

Yes we occasionally run referral reward competitions that you will see in reception.

Can I bring a friend to try Phoenix with me?

All our memberships come with free guest passes so you will receive one or two per month or platinum members get a FREE guest pass every week to be used on any day of the week. Just bring them along and reception will process the FREE day pass for your guest. You can bring the same person with you each time if you like so this is not restricted to new people only. So, you get 52 guest passes a year. Day passes are available online or at reception for £6.99 during the week and if your friend decides to join on the same day then the £6.99 comes off their joining fee.

How can I cancel my membership?

To cancel your membership you need to send us an email letting us know from what date you would like to cancel your membership. Please note that contract memberships require 1 months notice and rolling DD memberships require a minimum of 30 days notice. If you are on a 12 month contract then you can not cancel until the final month of your membership. contract memberships automatically role over into a monthly membership to avoid having to re-join and your membership stays at the discounted contract rate.

How much notice do I have to give in order to cancel my membership?

For monthly non contract direct debit memberships you must cancel your membership at lease 30 days prior to your membership renewal date to prevent a further payment being taken out. If it is less than 30 days then it may not be possible to cancel in time. If you are on a 12 month contract then you can not cancel until the final month of your membership and you will need to give us one months notice.

If I choose a contract option will it automatically roll over into another 12 month agreement?

At the end of a 12 month contract, your membership will then go into a rolling one month DD membership but at the same price as the contract price. This is a loyalty reward that we provide for our members so that you retain the discounted membership but without the 12 month agreement for as long as you remain a member. If you leave and then come back then this discounted rate will not be available unless you re join onto the 12 month contract.

If I leave do I need to repay the joining fee?

No, unlike a lot of other gyms and fitness clubs that try to trap you into continuing a DD to avoid repaying a joining fee. At Phoenix you will NOT need to repay a joining fee if you stop your membership for a period of time and then rejoin.

Will my membership fee’s ever go up?

If you join onto a 12 month contract option then your prices will never change whilst you are within that 12 month period. If you are on a monthly rolling DD then Phoenix Gym Norwich reserves the right to increase or decrease this price. If you are on a pay in advance membership then prices may change in the future on renewal.

Do you supply paper towel and or wet wipes within Phoenix?

Yes, unlike other gyms and fitness clubs we supply paper towel and antibacterial spray to ensure proper cleanliness of our equipment. If you generally sweat a lot then it may be a good idea to bring a workout towel with you whilst you train. We also provide antibacterial hand wash in reception.

Do you supply hand towels for members to buy, rent or borrow?

Not at the moment no but we are currently looking at possibly providing some branded Phoenix Gym work out towels for members to buy and use within the gym  in the near future.

Phoenix Personal Training

Do you have personal trainers?

Yes we have a very experienced team of both male and female personal trainers within Phoenix Gym to help you get the most out of your workouts. They are all qualified and insured and you can view their profiles and contact them directly on our Personal Trainer page here. We have hand picked some of the best and most experienced personal trainers to become a part of the Phoenix team.

How much does Personal Training cost?

Each personal trainer specialises in different areas and have different levels of experience and qualifications to draw upon. Therefore each trainer may charge a slightly different rate and package their sessions differently accordingly. We recommend that you take a look at their profiles to see which trainer you believe would be best for you then contact them directly for their prices and availability.

What times of day can I book Personal Training?

You will need to contact the personal trainer you have in mind directly in order to find out their working hours as each trainer will have different availability.

Do any of your Personal Trainers provide home Personal Training?

None of our personal trainers provide home personal training.

Questions about Phoenix Classes

What types of classes do you provide? 

We currently provide 3 types of class and will be adding to the timetable in 2019. So your membership will include unlimited gym usage, access to classes and for Platinum members a free guest pass each week on the weekends.

A Fit Body Bootcamp – Is a full body workout that incorporates weights, dumbells, cable machines, TRX, battling ropes, a versa climber, bodyweight movements, kettlebells and more. This class also incorporates spin bikes and is great for all over body fitness, toning and conditioning!

Boxing Fit – Is a fun, action packed workout in our private boxing studio fully kitted out with an assortment of punch bags, a boxing ring, mirrors, round timer and more. This is a fitness only class and suitable for both ladies and gents and all abilities.

Functional Fitness –  Is an extremely fun full body workout in our brand new, state of the art functional training zone (AKA Playground). Here you will be pushing a sled, pulling a ski-erg, riding a tornado bike, taking on the challenge of the tyre flip (or easier alternative), plyo boxes, resistance bands, power bags, slam balls, climbing rope, battling ropes and more.

We have a new class timetable coming out on Monday 13th May that will include yoga, Tabata, Circuits, Abs and group equipment inductions.

Are your classes FREE on all membership?

Yes classes are included in your membership and T&C’s apply depending on which membership you choose.

Silver Members get 2 FREE classes per week with 7 days priority booking.

Gold members get 3 free classes per week (with 10 days priority booking).

Platinum members get unlimited classes per month plus 14 days priority booking.

Can you do Classes on a “pay as you go” basis? 

Yes you can book a single or multiple day passes online by clicking here.

  • 1 Class: £5
  • 5 Classes £25.00
  • 10 Classes £50
  • 20 Classes for £100

If you pay for classes on a “pay as you go” basis at reception then please allow time to fill in a medical questionnaire if it’s your first visit.

New Member App for Class Booking

You can book your classes directly through your member app. You will have been sent a link to the member app on joining Phoenix Gym. If you want to get the app directly from the app store called: “yourApp plus” (Health and Fitness)

Then type in your unique personal details. it may ask you for your membership card pin ID number also which you can get by asking reception. 

If we have missed out on any  frequently asked questions please see our contact page