Best Gym Equipment Selection in Norwich


Phoenix has the largest choice of resistance and functional training equipment in Norwich, with multiple stations of all the main equipment to ensure that you “Never get Bored” or have to spend lot’s of time “Queuing for Equipment!”  


As a new member, you receive a free induction or 60-minute Personal Training Session (whichever you prefer).

Phoenix Gym is always staffed, so there is always at least one Personal Trainer on shift to help you with the equipment.

  • Cardio Machines – Phoenix has all the usual treadmills, cross trainers, rowers and bikes as well as more exciting HIIT training equipment such as curved treadmills, Tornado Bikes, a Spark Trainer, Spin bikes and a Stepmill All of which are great fun, add variety to keep you challenged and motivated and help you get some of e most excellent fitness, fat loss and stress-busting benefits in the shortest amount of time!


  • Functional Fitness – Phoenix has the biggest and most impressive functional training rig in Norwich. It’s equipped with a Ski-erg, tyre flip 180, climbing rope, monkey bars, multiple pull up attachments, plyometric boxes, kettlebells, slam balls, a landmine, TRX, power bags, battling ropes, a 15 metre sled track and prowler as well as unique boxing equipment such as The Boxmaster, a 21″ Aqua bag and longer punch/kick bag. Our Functional Fit classes in this area are FREE to members! See our Timetable to check times and T&C’s.

  • Free Weights  – Phoenix has 2 sets of dumbbells with one set going up to 65kg. We have multiple flat, incline and decline bench presses, 6 adjustable benches, fixed barbells from 10 to 55kg, 7 squat stations, 4 deadlift platforms and lots of space for free weight exercises!
  • Pin Loaded Machines – We have a large selection of pin loaded machines to train your whole body from top to toe. Our 9 station jungle gym provides ample stations for cable exercises along with 2 other adjustable cable machines that have their own unique benefits; there are multiple upper and lower body machines for you to choose from to hit your body in different ways to “mix things up” and keep your workouts fresh!
  • Plate Loaded Machines – You can train your entire upper and lower body on plate loaded equipment here at Phoenix Gym so that you can challenge your muscles in a different way to conventional machines. Our sterling range of equipment is smooth, very comfortable and allows you to add smaller incremental weights than pin loaded machines while also adding variety and spice to your workouts!

  • Abs and Core – We have a great selection of some of the most modern and fun ab training equipment on the market today. You can hit your abs from the bottom up, top-down or add in rotations for either, with a unique selection of pin, plate and free weight stations. Plus our functional fitness and HIIT cardio will have you
    r abs challenged from every conceivable angle possible. Our FREE classes to members always have some focus on abs also!
  • Extra’s – We also provide a range of resistance bands, foam rollers, stretching mats, ab training equipment and more to help with warming up, enhancing your workouts and cooling down. This equipment and area is also great if you want to go to the gym but your aching too much and you know you need to rest, but you just want to do some active recovery and or socialise anyway.

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