Phoenix Gym Questions & Answers:

Do I have to book in to train at Phoenix Gym?

The member booking system is managed through your member app.

The whole idea of a booking system is to prevent too many people turning up to the gym at any one time and thereby comfortably adhere to social distancing regulations.

This of course helps to prevent queuing and congestion in changing facilities etc…

Our total capacity is quite high relative to our total membership so exceeding our maximum limit is unlikely except maybe for peak times.

Our peak times are shown in the member app but are typically Monday to Wednesday from 5:30pm to 7pm.

If you train in the mornings, afternoons or later evenings then we would still recommend that you book in but it is less likely that it will be needed.

There are currently no time restrictions on how long you can exercise for. The car park does have a 2.5 hour restriction though.


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