Phoenix Gym Questions & Answers:

Do you have free parking at Phoenix?

Yes we have two free member car parks, which is strictly for gym use only with a maximum of 2 hours.

Car Park 1: Is down the end of St Martin’s Lane, just off Oak st. This is the first left after you turn into Oak St. Just look out for the Phoenix Private Parking Signs. (Please do not park in the site management space)

Car Park 2: Is around the back of the gym within the St Mary’s Works car park. You can park in any of the spaces against the metal railing that backs onto Car Park 1. (Look for the Phoenix Gym Signs)

Note: Parking is free on Oak Street directly outside the gym before 8am and after 18:00 Mon-Sat & free Sundays.

Provide your Car Registration

To avoid parking tickets or notices, please ensure you have provided us with your car registration and keep us up to date if you change your vehicle.

Just provide this at reception on your first visit.

Extra FREE Parking

Monday-Friday Evenings (after 17:30) & weekends: You can also park in the “visitor” spaces in the middle of the St Mary’s car park or along the back railings. Do not park around the outside edges in front of the offices or businesses as these are permit holders only.

Parking is free on the street before 8am and after 18:00 Mon-Sat & free Sundays.


  • Please give your Car Registration Plate Number to reception to avoid getting any parking tickets.
  • Parking is strictly limited to gym use only and NOT trips into the city! 
  • Maximum 2.5 hours parking limit to workout. 


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