Phoenix Gym Questions & Answers:

How much notice do I have to give in order to cancel my membership?

We require 7 days notice to make sure that your dd is cancelled in time to prevent any further payments.

All you need to do to cancel your membership is send us an email to

To make sure no more payments come out you can of course cancel your direct debit with the bank.

If we do not receive a cancellation message from you then our system will think that there is an issue with your bank account and we will likely try to contact you to resolve this issue.

Cancelling your DD within at least 3-5 days is not usually possible as the payment will likely have already been requested by our DD provider, hence why we ask for 7 days. This prevents any extra work for both you and us.

If you DO NOT email us and provide written confirmation to cancel prior to your next direct debit date, then we can not provide any refunds.


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