Phoenix Gym Questions & Answers:

What is Phoenix Gym doing to prevent the spread of Covid-19?

We are taking our members Health and Safety very seriously with Covid-19 and here are some of the things that we have implemented during the lockdown to help get us ready for re-opening:

  • All members are able to use their own personal spray bottle and cloth to carry around with them and wipe the machines down after use. This helps prevent people “forgetting” to do so.
  • Brand new changing rooms including showers, vanity units, benches and toilets. We have slightly increased the size of the mens changing room and added private changing cubicles in the ladies changing room.
  • We now have a new touch-less speed gate system, using your personalised in app QR code for quick and easy and exit. This also helps us monitor usage numbers and keep within government guidelines.
  • We have new spacious, antibacterial lockers that just require a padlock to use as well as smaller, convenient wallet/keys/phone lockers, so that you can train hands and pocket free.
  • We have knocked down walls and a narrow corridor between training rooms to greatly increase the space to move around and comply with social distancing regulations. We have also replaced the flooring throughout the entire gym where necessary.
  • All our doors have the option to push or pull them open and closed via a foot plate so that you don’t have to use door handles and we have multiple hand sanitisers on entry to the club, in every training room, studio and changing rooms.
  • Blue towel, wet wipes and sanitising stations are conveniently spread throughout the gym for you to wipe down equipment before and after use.
  • Face masks are optional but not mandatory for training within Phoenix Gym. We have moved all our equipment around and sufficiently spaced it out to meet government guidelines for social distancing. The new improvements have helped us achieve this greatly. Where the 2 metre rule can not be achieved we have provided sneeze guard protectors as mitigation.
  • Rather that selling supplements behind reception and handling supplements, we now have a vending machine that takes both cash or card. This provides drinks, protein bars, healthy snacks as well convenient “ready to go” pre, intra and post workout supplements.
  • Even our water fountain machine now has a foot pedal rather than a push button activation.
  • There is signage on entry to the club and amended gym rules posters throughout the gym. Our staff will help to ensure that these recommendations are followed.

Booking In for peak times:

We are now using an optional booking system through the club member app, which shows you how many people are within the gym at any given time and as well as the busiest and least busy times to train.

Due to Phoenix Gym having the largest variety of equipment in Norwich, our maximum capacity at any one time will unlikely be met except maybe for peak times (Monday – Wednesday 5-7pm).

When booking your space the app will ask you how long you will take to arrive, from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. Just click the appropriate time and away you go.

You will be able to also see how many people are on their way and bookings can only be done up to 6o minutes before hand to avoid people booking and not showing up.

Squeaky Clean

We will have a thorough deep clean before we open on the 25th July, so you can be sure that your training environment is clean and safe as well as physically and mentally rewarding!


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