Phoenix Gym Questions & Answers:

Will I have to queue outside

We have a very fast speed gate access control system in reception that can process up to 40 people per minute, which far exceeds our normal membership usage numbers within one minute.

Our reception area has been simplified so that it is for entry and exit only, thereby ensuring less inconvenience to members.

We are encouraging all new members to join online ahead of time before coming down to the club. This helps to avoid joining up in the reception area.

The same goes for day passes. We no longer provide pay as you go classes and when classes do start agin members will need to book at least 30 minutes ahead of time.

Rather than using class passes from reception to take to class instructors, we are using a simple register system. This way you can go straight to the class and bypass reception.

All these things combined should prevent any need for queuing. If a queue does appear for some reason we will work to reduce this as soon as possible and there are social distancing floor markings to maintain 2 metres apart.

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