New Dedicated Boxing Zone

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Due to Covid-19 we have made extensive improvements and refurbishments, which includes changes to our services and facilities.


Because the restrictions for lower class numbers, long breaks in between class sessions and the associated costs involved with paying instructors we have sadly decided to stop providing classes for the time being.

New Boxing Zone

Instead, we are converting our class/personal training studio into a Dedicated Boxing Zone for you to be able to use whenever they would like to.

This “Boxing Zone” will include the bags and Boxmaster from the functional area along with an assortment of different types punch bags from the boxing studio.

There will be mirrors and light dumbbells available for shadow boxing, mats for abb/core work, as well as our 3 most hardcore HIIT training machines to guarantee fighting fitness 1/ A curved Treadmill 2/ An Airliner Bike and 3/ The Versa Climber.

Cool Benefits!

One benefit of not currently providing classes means that you will be able to just turn up and use the Boxing Zone anytime you like without the inconvenience of a class being on, preventing you from using the equipment! Bonus! 👍

The other benefit is that by moving the boxing equipment from the Functional Zone, we can then add a Rowing Machine, Spin Bike and other functional fitness toys to this area also.

New Personal Training Studio

The other studio will be our fully equipped Personal Training Studio which will include the boxing ring for 1-2-1 personal training sessions.

Both studio’s are currently being refurbished with central heating, fans, air flow, blinds and decor being fitted in preparation.

What’s Next?

We will monitor the studio usage and if and when circumstances and regulations change, then we may look to re add some Boxing Fitness Classes in the future.

We will keep you up to date when these studio’s are ready and you can follow us on Facebook to more info.

If you are not already a member then you can Sign Up Here Now.

“Raise Your Game!”


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Mark Bone is the Managing Director of Phoenix Gym Norwich and has been helping people transform their bodies since 1998. Mark has an extensive background and experience in many aspects of physical training, motivation and nutritional advice, especially in weight loss, corrective exercise, strength and conditioning for Boxing and injury rehabilitation.

Mark has trained professional athletes, written articles for magazines, assisted Channel 4 for a short weight loss series, done interviews for Norwich Radio and taught weight loss programmes. Mark now uses his skills and experience to train Personal Trainers within Phoenix Gym to ensure clients and members get the best results and most enjoyable experience possible.