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Our Personal Trainers.

At this Norwich Gym, we have a very experienced team of both male and female personal trainers within Phoenix Gym to help you get the most out of your training. They are all qualified and insured, and you can view their profiles and contact them directly HERE.


female personal trainer Norwich with Lorna Taylor

How much does one to one Training cost?

Each trainer specializes in different areas and has varying levels of experience and qualifications to draw on. Therefore each of our Personal Trainers may charge a slightly different rate and package their sessions differently accordingly. We recommend that you view our Trainer profiles to see which you believe would be the best fit for you then contact them directly for their prices and availability. If you are looking for a particular area of training expertise then just click on the buttons below to find the right trainer for you.

What times of day can I book my  Trainer?

You will need to contact the personal trainer you have in mind directly to find out their working hours as each trainer will have different availability. None of our staff provides personal home training in Norwich.

Free Personal Training available.

For new members, we do offer some free personal training sessions to start you off. There is no obligation to take these. They are a free introductory offer.

Contact Us.

Please feel free, and under no obligation to contact us for any further information or questions you may have.


Find the RIGHT Personal Trainer for you.

Our personal trainers have many training specialities, click the buttons below to pick trainers by types of training offered.

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