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Darren Watson

Darren Watson

Areas of expertise

  • Boxing Fitness
  • Health and Fitness
  • Nutrition Advice
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Toning & Building
  • Weight Loss

More about Darren

Darren has been a personal trainer in Norwich for almost 4 years and moved over from a commercial gym to Phoenix, as he wanted to provide his clients with the best equipment and atmosphere possible, which aligned perfectly with his ever growing coaching skills.

Darren has played many sports over the years, including football, tennis, basketball and boxing and like most people had suffered various injuries. As a result, when Darren hit 30 he decided to learn had to learn a lot more about exercise, nutrition and strength training, so that he could get himself to where he wanted to be, injury free and feeling great.

As a result Darren got his PT qualifications and specialises in helping his clients, who are usually over 30, to lose excess body fat and build a strong, functional body, so they can lead an active lifestyle, doing whatever they want to do.

Many times this means overcoming postural imbalances and initially training around old niggling injuries so that you can then build a foundation to build upon to then train harder and faster and even feel younger again.

Darren believes in combining his entertaining sense of humour with a serious passion to get results and focusing on little wins along the way. He is currently studying for his level 4 strength and conditioning diploma and then has his ambitious sights set on a movement specialist/sports rehabilitation course.

What my clients say...

Since I’ve had a few sessions with Darren, I can say he is so much better the the other PTs I have had, his lessons are well designed to get the most out of you. He will give you advice and guidance. He pushes you too the max to help you reach your goal. He has an app which keeps track of your sessions even when your not with him. Although you’re there too get fit, we have a laugh along the way. Definitely recommend anyone who’s just starting out at the gym and needs some advice or guidance
James Jackson, PT Client, Norwich


  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • Currently studying level 4 strength and conditioning

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