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David Howard

David Howard

Areas of expertise

  • Health and Fitness
  • Neuro Physical Rehabilitation
  • Treatments

More about David

David’s training is very different to anything else you would find in the UK. David studied a bespoke training method from Australia and got his 3 year accreditation under NeuroPhysics Therapy. David is no longer affiliated with the company and is now instead continuing to learn additional training and rehabilitation methods, to help his clients recalibrate the physical, mental and emotional integrity of their nervous system, to move, feel and perform better.

David works mainly with clients who suffer with disorders such as – Emotional Disorders, Fibromyalgia, ME / CFS (70% success rate) Stroke rehabilitation, Long Covid, physical injuries and chronic pain, but anyone aged between 10 and 80 can benefit from this style of training, including professional athletes.

When the body goes through mental, physical and emotional trauma the neurological system can become blocked via unwanted unconscious Autonomic Nervous systems responses to the environment, learning faulty firing patterns. Neuro-physical – rehabilitation helps restore optimal health and physical performance through the correct firing and recalibration of these unconscious habitual patterns, restoring movement, health and full system wide integrity.

“My training method is gym based, re-training the brain and the body system to better communicate with each other to bring about real change in the total human body / brain system. I use standard gym equipment to rid your current system of any restraints / negative behavioural patterns that you may have going on – which are keeping you locked into your old negative behavioural state, both physically and emotionally.”

Because the brain and nervous systems primarily dictate how healthy the human system is, they need to be taken into account when it comes to how we train.

Many training and rehabilitation techniques work under the assumption that when one part of the body/brain system is damaged, that and only that part of the system needs repairing. When in fact, because the human mind/body is a total system that works in unison with all parts (muscular, skeletal and the brain via nervous pathways), we have to consciously make the whole system work together in unison. 

I have had great results dealing with neurological disorders – especially those pertaining to the Autonomic Nervous system ( ANS ). The number of ANS related disorders are on the rise. This is mainly due to the constant over exposure of the Sympathetic Nervous system ( SNS ) – due to the amount of stress we deal with on a daily basis now ( along with a faster, more technical lifestyle we live with these days ), and other modern environmental factors that create burnout in our systems.

Put Simply; I train the client’s body/brain system to better communicate with each other to bring about real, long term change, improving the old negative behavioural patterns you have going on in your body/brain system. Recalibrating these to work together to give you a better, healthier, functioning mind/body.

This is why a purposeful, conscious, specific intentional training regime is the perfect formula for both physical and emotional disorders.

What my clients say...

“I had severe ME for many years. During that time I’d tried many therapies – and none of them had worked. I was particularly wary of exercise, as it was one of the factors that I felt had conspired to make me ill. However, the training that I did with Dave is nothing like the beastings I used to give myself, and it has done the trick where other methods failed. I feel rejuvenated and refreshed: reborn, even. I never thought I’d feel this well again. A word to the wary – this isn’t graded exercise, which has been demonstrated to be harmful for many with ME! It’s a system which you’ll find effective, rewarding and even enjoyable to learn and do. I look forward to my gym sessions, and now I’m looking forward to the rest of my illness-free life.”
Lou (Manchester)


  • A completion certification in NeuroPhysics Therapy Training

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