Phoenix Gym Running Club.

Phoenix Gym Running Club.

If you have been looking for a running club in Norwich, then we would like you to come along to Phoenix Gym Running Club and give us a try, its FREE.

So ask yourself :

  1. Ever wanted to start running?
  2. Don’t have a friend to go with you?
  3. Worried about running in the dark around town now the evenings are pulling in?
  4. Do you Want to be part of Phoenix Gym Running Club a warm, friendly group of all levels to get you started?
  5. Are you living in or work in the city and need motivating after working hours?

If there were a few Yes answers there, then see below.

Our new FREE club for this year has been officially set up and will start from Wednesday 4th October 6:30 pm – 7:15 pm! with our helpful organiser who will help you get started and make you feel at ease with your first run.

We have routes for beginners and the more experienced.  Why not be part of the new weekly movement which will take you on great new courses. We will plan different routes around the city in the crisp winter and Xmas evenings and keep you motivated.

How to start.

To get started all you need to do is arrive five mins early, fill in our Par Q and please wait outside the main entrance to Phoenix gym near the bike racks. And from there we have got your back 

Contact Us.

CALL 01603 613 436  or E.mail for more details.

Lockers and bag spaces are available; please bring a small padlock with you

try phoenix gym running club for fitness in Norwich