Jordan Eke

Personal Training with Jordan

Jordan first walked into a gym 12 years ago intending to lose weight and improve his physique. After consistent training, he started to see results and became addicted to the physiological and psychological changes that came through exercise. Knowing how much exercise positively impacted his life, Jordan decided to become a personal trainer to help inspire and educate others to change their life for the better through exercise, just as it had done for himself. To do this, Jordan completed all his personal training qualifications.

This gave him the in-depth knowledge to not only get the most out of every training session but to pinpoint a client’s specific problem areas and find the most effective ways of resolving these problems and getting results.

Where is Jordan Now?

Currently, Jordan is six years into his career working with clients on both a one-to-one and group training basis and is as enthusiastic as he was on his first day. Jordan specialises in working with clients wanting to achieve fat loss, improve muscle hypertrophy or improve boxing performance. Jordan’s philosophy is that a personal trainer and client have an agreement: the trainer promises to make each session as efficient, enjoyable and effective as possible, and in return, the client has to give each session 100% and be willing to learn. If both personal trainer and client keep to their agreement, the results are guaranteed.

What my clients say...

I have been training with Jordan for nearly a year now, and I have achieved so much more than I would have ever thought possible as a 50-year-old female, and would thoroughly recommend him. He has completely changed the way I look at exercise and diet and has encouraged and motivated me to be fitter, healthier and more toned than I would have been in my 20s! Jordan gives you great knowledge and advice to not only gain confidence but believe in your abilities to achieve the goals that you set for yourself.

PT Client, Norwich


  • Level 3 personal training qualification
  • BSc in Applied Sport, Health and Exercise Science

Got Questions? Contact Jordan:

Tel: 07568 325169


Types of Training Offered:

Boxing Fitness • Health and Fitness • Nutrition Advice • Strength and Conditioning • Toning & Building • Weight Loss

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