Lorna Taylor

Lorna has over 19 years of exercise experience and has been training since she was 8 years old starting with gymnastics and ballet. She is one of the most committed, passionate and well balanced female personal trainers this side of Venus who certainly lives what she preaches. If women are looking for an example of a woman who lifts weights, but still appears “feminine”, then Lorna is your girl!

Believe it or not Lorna is also the proud mother of a 18 year old and has worked hard to keep in shape ever since.  She is very knowledgeable about nutrition and likes to teach her clients the weightloss “secrets” she has tried and tested over the years.

Lorna fully believes in an all-round general fitness for balance and longevity.

The past 4 years Lorna decided to put together her years of knowledge of diet and training and do some competitions, and after two very successful shows,  and winning a qualifier, she now holds the title of  ‘British Bikini Champion’ at age 38!

Lorna is also qualified in the art of Freestyle Fitness Yoga and flexibility which has also proven to be yet another effective tool in her creative arsenal for body transformation.

Lorna is an exceptional Personal trainer,  and is a master at working with a wide variety of personality types to get the results she wants with her Clients.

She is an inspirational role model and is regularly described by her clients as a beautiful person inside and out who loves to bring out the best in her clients.

What my clients say...

My daughter Gemma was absolutely amazed with her weight loss with Lorna and she was worried about me and said I really needed to have a consultation with Lorna,  and from that moment on it has changed my whole life!  Lorna made me feel 100% comfortable, understood and at ease. I’ve just not been bored in 3 months! I will NEVER go back to being fat or eating the food I used to eat.  I can see now how big I really was! Lorna came just at the right time of my life and she is an angel, I can’t thank her enough for turning my life around.  Lorna has given me her inspiration, energy, confidence and time. The main thing though is that I’ve also lost a whopping  8.1 inches of fat from my tummy measurement and over 2 stone in weight! I cant wait for the spring so I can take my coat off!”

Sue Restieux, Norwich


  • Level 3 Qualified Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Freestyle Fitness Yoga Certified
  • Diet and Nutrition Level 2

Got Questions? Contact Lorna

Telephone: 07816259039

Email: Lorna@lifestylesforliving.co.uk

Types of Training Offered:

1-2-1 Bikini/figure Posing • Fitness & Healthy Lifestyle • Muscle/Body Building • Nutrition Advice • Weight Loss & Toning

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