Luke Ingram

Luke Ingram Personal Trainer

Luke has always loved working with and helping people whilst working in public services initially until he went to a gym for the first time at the age of 17. Luke quickly fell in love with the whole process of “working out” and it’s benefits for personal development. As a result, Luke then changed his career direction and qualified as a personal trainer to enjoy sharing his experience and journey with others. 

Luke was just 8st and 13lbs when he first started training properly and was very skinny. So, he started out focusing on combining “weight training” and a “building diet” and over the course of 3 years (through a lot of trial and error) he learnt the best way to gain muscle, feel stronger, happier and even slightly leaner at 11st 3lbs! That’s an impressive 32lb of muscle increase, without any excess body fat!

Luke had previously been both over and underweight in his younger years, so knows how it feels on both ends of the spectrum and now has the “know how” to overcome both of them, physically and mentally. Luke has developed a real passion for bodybuilding in the men’s physique category, in which he is planning to compete in the future. Dieting will be an important part of this goal so Luke has practised various dieting tactics with great success.

The Best For His Clients.

Luke always gives his clients everything he has got to the best of his ability and never stops researching, testing and experimenting with the latest training techniques, with the intention to apply these where appropriate to his client’s programmes. Tools and tactics are great but Luke completely understands through experience that everyone faces different challenges both mentally and physically, therefore everyone needs a personal approach specific to them, to be successful.

Luke loves how training makes him feel and loves seeing other people “come alive” so that they can be the best versions of themselves.

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  • Level 3 Personal Training
  • Level 2 Fitness Instruction

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Health and Fitness • Nutrition Advice • Toning & Building • Weight Loss

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