Christina Marples

Physical activity has always been a part of my life, having undertaken dance lessons from a young age I have always loved to move! Despite this though I spent the majority of my early teens and twenties leading a pretty inactive lifestyle until I joined a small gym and started experimenting with running and using the equipment. The two years that followed led me to work harder, strive for greater fitness improvements and I couldn’t believe the difference to my overall well-being, strength and most importantly, my mental approach to life.

I got involved in the world of Group fitness classes around eight years ago, and am a huge fan of group training and will use music to train as often as possible! The world of Les Mills group classes caught my attention early on and I quickly went on to train as a level 2 Exercise to Music Instructor before undertaking Les Mills Bodystep™, Bodyattack™ and more recently Bodybalance™. This has exposed me to a huge world of current training options and has inspired me to create and teach my own classes. Creativity is a huge advantage when it comes to training, your options are virtually limitless! 

Since then, I have been keen to start helping people on a one-to-one basis so trained as a level three Personal Trainer in 2017. The fitness industry is currently absolutely saturated with fad diets, fad training plans and conflicting information…I’d really love to help eradicate this confusion! Maintaining a healthy life doesn’t have to be an continuous battle or a huge drastic change that restarts every Monday morning. Changing your fitness habits can actually be fun, inclusive and will put you in touch with an amazing, inspiring bunch of people.

My training plans focus on quality technique and training balanced muscle groups, combined with a sensible and knowledgeable approach to nutrition. 

What my clients say...

“Christina is very attentive to my needs and always alternatives to those of us who are a little less nimble on our feet! I use her great advice in my everyday life. She is a very caring and dedicated personal trainer and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her advice!” 

Client, Norwich

Qualifications and experience:

  • Level 2 Gym Instructor (Lifetime Fitness)
  • Level 2 Exercise to Music Instructor
  • GroupEX Fitness Award Scheme
  • Les Mills Bodybalance™
  • Les Mills Bodyattack™
  • Les Mills Bodystep™
  • Indoor Studio Cycling 
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer (Lifetime Fitness)
  • Registered with REP’s and fully insured 

Training specialities and experience:

  • HIIT and circuit training classes
  • Nutritional Advice and personalised diet plans
  • Muscle building/hypertrophy training
  • Cardiovascular and agility training
  • Core/Abs specialist sessions
  • Strength & conditioning sessions
  • Yoga or stretch-based programs for flexibility and mobility improvements

Got Questions? Contact Christina

Call: 07748 238296

Types of Training Offered:

Health and Fitness • Nutrition Advice • Weight Loss

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