Sarah McGowan

Hi, my names Sarah (or Sassy!) and as well as being mum to a tiny legend, I run ‘Fit as Flux’. I am a pretty excitable human being who gets REALLY passionate about helping people reach their goals and achieve amazing things they never thought possible! I’m more than just your personal trainer, I’m your personal hype gal as well and I promise to get you fired up about your soon to be success and ENJOY the process.

I look at you as a whole person, not just in terms of wanting to lose ‘X’ pounds or tone up ya wobbly bits. Yes, yes these are obviously important as short-term goals to work towards and achieve, but a lot of my clients need more than that. Let’s find out what makes you tick and what’s holding you back from achieving what you want in terms of health, fitness, confidence, control and overall wellbeing.

I know from personal experience how daunting getting back into fitness can be for new mums. as a qualified Pre and Post natal trainer, I can help you navigate this journey and get you feeling like “you” again, safely and with the right encouragement.

Also, getting to the root causes of psychological issues allows you to better understand yourself, get over road blocks that have held you back until now and finally achieve and retain your successes!

If you are looking for a female personal trainer in Norwich who understands the challenges of juggling a busy life-style but will also motivate you to make time for yourself also, then what ya waiting for? Lets get crackin’!

What my clients say...

“If you are looking for a PT then look no further!!! Sarah is ya girl with all the tricks to get you toned, she is incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition and fitness and designs bespoke plans to help you reach your goals. This woman can help you attain the body and lifestyle of your dreams. Big up!!!!!!!”

Frankie (PT Client) Norwich

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Types of Training Offered:

Health and Fitness • Nutrition Advice • Pre & Post Natal • Toning & Building • Weight Loss

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