Silver Hoppie

Steve (AKA Silver) is an Experienced and Professional Personal Trainer in Norwich, who’s ultimate aim is to help his clients stay focused on their goals, whether it be general fitness (physical and or mental), improving confidence or weight loss, etc.

Steve doesn’t have a favourite “type” of training client, he has a passion for all types of training ranging from bodybuilding to weight lifting (AKA Olympic Lifting), general fitness training or sport specific conditioning.

“Exercise is a celebration of where the body has been and where it can be taken. When working with a client I find it important to focus upon their strengths and build upon that. Focus and attention is always placed upon the right exercise intensity combined with the proper form, in order to get consistent and motivational results, avoid injuries and gain the most bang for your buck!”

“Getting the basics correct are essential for all levels of fitness: from those starting out on their fitness to professional sports athletes looking for that extra advantage and edge”. Steve has many years of experience partaking in various sports and 5 years in the trenches as a busy and successful Personal Trainer. Silver says that it’s obvious to him that exercise is medicine, and that with your commitment and his knowledge, you will gain the proper prescription and dosage needed to reach your goals.

What my clients say...

“Thanks to Steve for helping me gain the confidence to get into the gym in the first place to allow me to then get into shape. He has taught me a lot and has been a massive factor in my change and I can’t thank him enough.”

Ryan, PT Client, Norwich


Level 3 personal training

Level 2 fitness instructor

Exercise and mental health (sports and fitness course, intermediate level OU)

FA certificate in minor injuries

BSc with Honours in Combined Social Sciences

(level 4 personal training,,,,pending)


Tel: 07465872519


Facebook: SilverPT

Instagram: Silver_personal_trainer


Types of Training Offered:

Health and Fitness • Nutrition Advice • Strength and Conditioning • Toning & Building • Weight Loss

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