Refer A Friend

Refer a Friend to Phoenix Gym in Norwich.

Refer a Friend here is how to works. Most people love to train with their friends, family and co-workers and we love to share our appreciation for your referrals, so for every new member that you bring along you will receive £2 per month off your monthly membership fee.

There is no limit to the amount of savings that you can receive. Below is an example of the potential savings and how they can relate to the membership that you prefer:

  • Refer a friend to Phoenix Gym Norwich for great benefits saving you money.1 Referral = £2.00 saving p/m
  • 2 Referrals = £4.00 saving p/m
  • 3 Referrals = £6.00 saving p/m
  • 5 Referrals = £10.00 saving p/m

When you join you will receive 3 x FREE trial sessions to give out to whom you wish so that you can easily show them what they are missing out on and join you.

Gyms in Norwich refer a friend to phoenix and get rewards