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Hey there

We have some very exciting news to share with you. We are now making multiple improvements to Phoenix Gym including an extra car parking facility, loads of new kit and we are launching our new range of classes that are free to members! We are also looking into extending our opening hours early next year. 

Equipment & Refurbishment

As you have likely seen within the club we have been making lots of improvements to the building, flooring, lockers, painting, signage, reception and of course huge improvements to the equipment. We still have equipment on the way such as the “belt squat”, “leverage squat”, “leverage hack squat”, “glute drive” and “new dumbbells” for the front room, which now brings  our total investment to over £300k since August 2013!!

We want your Feedback

We have designed some comprehensive feedback questionnaires that are in reception for you to fill out. We love to hear your feedback and we will do our best to act it as swiftly as possible. Once completed just pop it into the black feedback box on the reception desk for privacy and anonymity.

More FREE Member Parking 

We have just added an extra 14 spaces to more than double our member parking spaces. Plus this car park is closer, very well lit at night and under strict CCTV observation.  You will have the choice to use this new car park with 14 spaces or the usual car park around the back in St Mary’s works with a further 12. All the Phoenix spaces have a sign attached here for your info. Reminder that after 6pm – 7am you can park in any space within st marys works as not restricted at all after these hours –  Any questions just ask our staff. 

Friend Friday 

Due to a low uptake of the “Friend Friday” offer we are stopping this and will be replacing it with more usable promotions such as open days and guest pass membership benefits. 

Referral Rewards 

Due to changing our member management system in September our new system can not automate our old referral reward system of providing £2pm off your membership. As a bonus for you, any rewards have been carried over to your existing monthly DD on a permanent basis and not reliant to your referral leaving the club! We are however about to introduce a new referral reward competition that you will see in reception and on FB shortly. Our first prize will be a FREE YEARS MEMBERSHIP WORTH £299!! 

Introducing New Phoenix Classes!

We are launching our new classes on Monday December 3rd with some FREE taster sessions on the 26th, 27th and 29th of November at 17:30 and 18:30. Classes are FREE TO MEMBERS on all memberships!!! You must book these taster sessions at reception if you would like to attend or call 01603 613436. Non members are able to attend classes on a “pay as you go” basis also. We are starting off by providing 3 different types of class then increasing the this. 

A Fit Body Bootcamp Is  a full body workout that incorporates weights, dumbells, cable machines, TRX, battling  ropes, a versa climber, bodyweight movements, kettlebells and more. This class will also incorporate spin bikes and is great for all over body fitness, toning and conditioning! 

Boxing Fit Is a fun, action packed workout in our private boxing studio fully kitted out with an assortment of punch bags, a boxing ring, mirrors, round timer and more. This is a fitness only class and suitable for both ladies and gents and all abilities. 

Functional Fitness is an extremely fun full body workout in our brand new, state of the art functional training zone (AKA Playground). Here you will be pushing a sled, pulling a skierg, riding an watt air bike, taking on the challenge of the tyre flip (or easier alternative), a barbell, plyo boxes, punch bag, resistance bands, power bags, slam balls, climbing rope, battling ropes and more. 

New Member App

We are launching our new member app to coincide with the classes. This app will allow you to create a profile, find like minded training partners, book classes, access Phoenix specific workouts and challenges as well as get instant notifications on Phoenix news, promotions, cool training tips, “how to” video’s. The FREE taster sessions will be booked through reception though. You can call then on 01603 613436 or just ask at reception. 

Upgraded Memberships

We have just upgraded your memberships to include free classes, class booking advantages and if appropriate free guest passes for friends at the weekends depending on how much you currently pay. 

If you currently pay £35 (no contract) or £29 (within contract) then you have the maximum benefits of unlimited classes, 14 days priority booking and a free guest pass each week to be used on either a Saturday or Sunday. You can bring the same friend, family member or work colleague week after week if you like. 

If you pay £29 (no contract) or £25 (within contract) then you now receive up to 8 FREE classes per month and 8 days priority booking (3 days over pay as you go non members). If you have any questions regarding these benefits, then just speak to reception team and they will help you.

No Price Increases! 

We are not increasing any prices from what you are currently paying, which means you will be getting “better equipment”, “more free parking”, “free classes”, a “cool member app” and if appropriate “free guest passes” to train with friends all at no extra cost! Enjoy! 

Your Welcome from the Phoenix Team and remember “Keep Raising your Game!” 

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