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Sports Conditioning Training.

Here starting his sports conditioning training Norwich’s very own professional heavyweight boxer Sam “Super” Sexton at Phoenix Gym.  As a professional Boxer Sam is a former Southern area, Commonwealth and prizefighter champion training towards his up and coming British title fight on October 6th, 2017. Sam is training here at Phoenix Gym in Norwich 4 weeks out with one of their Personal Trainers and owner of the gym Mark Bone. Sam wanted to get rid of a couple of niggling injuries after a long layoff from training and wanted to improve his strength and conditioning to take his performance in the squared ring to another level!

Working with Graham Everett.

Mark works in close collaboration with Sam’s boxing trainer Graham “trainer of champions” Everett to make sure that his gym based training matches the periodisation and workload of sam’s boxing training. This periodisation and workload coordination are essential to ensure that the sports conditioning workouts compliment Sam’s boxing training rather than hinder it. Many people think that weight training slows boxers down, but when done correctly and strategically it does the complete opposite! It can make a boxer much faster, stronger and as a result more explosive and powerful with greater stamina.

When Mark asked Sam what he wanted to achieve, Sam said that he wanted to be leaner and stronger at around 17st 7lb stone. At this weight, Sam is approximately a stone heavier than a lot of his previous fights and leaner which means putting on some serious functional muscle. For a lot of boxers, the aim is to increase strength, speed, and power without increasing weight. Achieving this condition can have the advantage of being the bigger stronger fighter at the lowest weight class possible, but for a heavyweight, you need a balance of strength, enough weight along with the fitness and conditioning to go the distance if needed.

Sam starting his Sports Conditioning Training.

Sam has gone from niggling injuries to now performing 12 strong rounds with two to three different sparring partners in one session and wanting more during the last six months of preparation. Sam is currently 17 stone 8lb, on a strict sports nutrition diet and feeling the strongest he has ever felt. Plus now he is 33 years old he is throwing everything into his training as his view is these next few years as his last chance to achieve his dreams before he retires from boxing and Sam wants to retire on a supercharged high! Sam said he has never fully committed to his diet and sports conditioning training until now so is excited to see what difference it will make in the ring. Sam has not lost a fight in his last eight outings and has only lost to 2 world class boxers, both being for the British title, so Sam is going for the third time, but with no luck involved, this is hard graft as “you make your own luck” Sam say’s. Sam will be coming in heavier, leaner, stronger, faster and fitter than ever before.

Upper and lower body weights sessions.

Sam has been alternating upper and lower body weights session to build more strength and size and is currently doing full body conditioning sessions to convert all that power gained into quality, explosive boxing precise movements, while also maintain his new strength. Mark is incrementally increasing the volume of repetitions and sets as well as the speed of the acceleration. These sessions at Phoenix Gym Norwich are all about movement speed and quality and not just about fitness. Boxers get their primary fitness from their boxing training, drills, skipping and interval runs/sprints.

Boxing is an incredibly explosive sport.

Sam has also been performing his high-intensity interval training on Norwich’s only Cybex SPARC trainer and the “killer” Versa climber in the Phoenix Gym private personal training studio. Boxing is an incredibly explosive sport that also needs endurance so performing H.I.I.T training and building the volume of intervals will ensure that performance increases the best type of sports specific stamina.

 Looking to make that statement.

Sam is aiming to make a statement in this next fight against the tall and rangy Gary Cornish who is also coming to make his statement. Team Sexton is now putting the last few finishing touches on his training as he starts to peak in fitness, sparring and conditioning. You don’t want to peak too early otherwise this can lead to overtraining and Sam is looking on point to come in just right on the night. All being well Sexton will win the British title in style and carry on with his strength and conditioning ready for his next fight. This consistent strength building and speed endurance conditioning mean that Sam will get fitter, stronger and faster with each subsequent fight. Plus gaining the extra muscle will mean that Sam can come in even leaner each time so that he achieves his 17st 7lb lean goal.

Having that power to weight ratio will actually help Sam mix with the big boys of the heavyweight division. Tune in to watch the new and improved Sam “Super” Sexton bring back the prestigious Lonsdale British title to Norwich.

Whether you are a professional athlete looking for sports conditioning training and want to “Raise you Game” or you wish to shape up with the help of a personal trainer then check out our team of expert personal trainers who can help you achieve your own goals like Sam is. And if you have ever fancied doing some boxing training yourself then you can train with Sam here at Phoenix Gym in Norwich either 1-2-1 or as part of his group classes.

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