Sports Rehabilitation Therapy

Sports Massage Therapy services here at the Gym on Oak Street in Norwich.

Learn how to not only reduce painful symptoms but actually “Fix” your Problem! 

Sports therapy combined with functional movement based assessment and corrective exercise to improve the way that you move, function and perform is called Sports Rehabilitation Therapy. A typical sports massage therapist is level 3 qualified and only focuses on the therapy side of this equation. Here at Phoenix we focus on both cause and effect providing you with the tools you need to function better focusing on fixing the problem and not just symptom release.

Whether you currently can’t work, train or play your sport, we can show you how to come back from an injury like a phoenix rising from the ashes to feel and perform better than you did before your injury and get back to setting your new personal records!

About Us

We have had the honour of learning from some of the best physiotherapists, sports therapists, and Osteopaths in the UK and have had the added advantage of learning from making every training mistake known to mankind ourselves. This experience and knowledge has helped us successfully treat well over 1,000 injuries over the last 16 years.

One of the most important things about treating an injury effectively is understanding “how” or “why” the injury/symptoms have occurred. Many times people tell us that simple crucial assessments or actual hands on treatment have shockingly been over looked, ignored or not even considered by other so called specialists. This we believe is why we have succeeded where others have failed, due an up to date hands on and functional approach to therapy.

Is Sports Rehabilitation Therapy for you?

Our clients include gym users, exercise enthusiasts, office workers, housewives and “non exercisers” as well as a whole host of professional athletes. Some clients are members of the British knee boarding team, numerous well know professional boxers such as John Thaxton, Sam Sexton, Michael and Liam Walsh, marathon runners, football players, rugby players, basketball players and many, many more…

Our Ethos

Most importantly we care about how we provide our service. We take the time to show you what we believe to be the problem and make sure you know exactly what to do after you see us to help you solve this problem. We also help make you aware of your mental state or attitudes regarding the management of your injury. This can sometimes be more important than manual therapy or exercises.

Here are some of the most common complaints we can help you with;

  • Poor posture, muscle imbalances and general aches and pains
  • Chronic back pain and back injuries (including sciatica)
  • Shoulder pain and rotator cuff injuries
  • Tendonitis of the shoulder, elbow, knee or achilles
  • Muscular strains such as hamstring, calf, bicep or groin
  • Ligament sprains such as ankle or knee etc
  • Whiplash injuries and pains old and new
  • Tension headaches (which are usually the result of tension in the back, neck and shoulders)

How long does a treatment last for and when can I book in?

Your initial treatment will last for up to an hour including an assessment of your issue and injury history in order to create the most suitable treatment plan for you. Each subsequent treatment will last anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes depending on what you need on the day. This includes hands-on treatment, body and movement education and corrective exercises such as self massage techniques, stretching, mobility or strength exercises.

Our opening hours for treatments are from Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 21:00 pm and Saturdays depending on availability.

All treatments have to be booked in advance.

How much does a session cost?

Sports Rehabilitation Therapy – 30 – 60 minute session = £40.00

Sports Rehabilitation Therapy – 90 minute session = £55.00

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Success Stories

Sports Rehabilitation Therapy for Boxing Athletes

john-thaxton British Champion
“I couldn’t believe how a local private sports massage therapist was talking more sense and providing more affective treatment than the so called experts. Since then my shoulder pain is gone, I have got back into the ring in better shape than before and I have fulfilled my dream of becoming BRITISH CHAMPION! These guy got me results when nobody else could.”
John Thaxton (Norwich)

Sports Rehabilitation Therapy for Back Problems

“Having had back problems and pain for many years and seeing lot’s of different therapists from osteopaths to physio’s I was very dubious as to whether this would work for me. But I can happily say that I can now move around pain-free giving me my confidence back in my body and allowing me actually to smile! The other treatments on their own used to feel better for a day or so, but then the pain would come back. I have always just done what I thought in gym’s, but after every week I could see what I needed to work as I learned how to correct my posture. I feel a million times better, and these sessions have been worth every penny.”

Andy Moss (Norwich)

Sports Rehabilitation Therapy for Knee Problems

“I was very impressed with the level of knowledge about why my knee was so swollen and in so much pain. I’m the type of person that has to know the why behind the what and ask lot’s of questions and I was always given a satisfactory answer to feed my curiosity that motivated me. The level of commitment I received fed my enthusiasm to do what I needed to to get it right. I was told that I had arthritis but not given any helpful advice on what to do about it. I was told by the doctor that I needed to lose some weight.”

Gill Scobie (Norwich)

Sports Therapy for Body Builders

Picture of bodybuilder Andy Clarke
“Without my massages, I would be in pain, simple as! And me not being in pain and performing better helps me fulfill my dreams of becoming as strong as I can for my strongman competitions and look as good as I can for my bodybuilding competitions. Nice one.”
Andy Clarke (Norwich)



Sports Rehabilitation Therapy

“I couldn’t even walk 5 steps since my stroke a few of years ago”. I can now walk using a stick and am much more mobile. “I am much fitter than I used to be and can actually enjoy doing most normal things. Obviously I wont be playing rugby anytime soon but I feel so thankful for what I can now do. This has been life saving for me!”
Ricky D (Norwich)

You can contact Kat on: or call her on 07515 432872.