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 Supplements Shop at Phoenix Gym.

The Supplement shop at Phoenix Gym can provide you with every supplement you need Supplements at Norwich Gym on Oak street , Saint Mary's Worksfor the ultimate workout experience and improvement of training goals! We have an extensive range of high-end good quality products to repair muscle, Sustain your energy while working out, Pre fuel your body for workouts ahead, and simply remain healthy with a unique range of vitamins and minerals.

Ask for the Best Supplement for you

At any point within your visit, you may ask any member of staff for advice on what supplements will enhance your workouts and goals to the maximum and support your efforts. All staff are qualified in Nutrition so can give you the best advice for your personal goals so don’t be afraid to ask!

You can Order Anything from our Supplements Shop.

If there is anything we don’t currently stock that would benefit you, reception staff can order it in for you at a very competitive price that you will likely not find elsewhere on the internet! Just tell us what you need, and stock usually arrives next day delivery. You can then collect when you’re next in for a workout!

Supplements for Repair of Muscle Tissue

diet-whey protein powder supplement at Phoenix GymOne of the most popular supplements to take while exercising is a good quality Protein Powder. This is best taken after a hard or endurance workout, and it helps to maintain, build and repair muscle tissue.  We stock this and similar products in many different flavours and brands for you to choose from.

Pre Energy Workout Supplements

This is a very popular supplement amongst weightlifters, powerlifters and bodybuilders looking to get that extra burst of high-level energy half an hour before their lifting begins. This product also fuels the blood flow and oxygen into the muscles to prepare for better lifts and pre-workout supplement available at Phoenixcan also aid in fat burning. Usually, these products contain a considerable amount of caffeine for alertness. Our staff are experienced in the best type of pre-workout to suit you and your needs.

Products to ‘sustain’ your muscle mass

Often when working out for a duration longer than around 30-60 minutes (depending on when you last ate a meal),  Including sessions with heavy cardio or extended lifting sessions, Muscle tissue tends to break down and convert into energy once glycogen is burnt out. Amino acids are the most popular supplement that athletes and gym goers use to amino acids supplementsustain their muscle mass while keeping them working out for far longer in the gym than they would without it! These are full of electrolytes that replenish and rehydrate your body also. Try yours today and see for yourself the difference it makes to your workouts. We offer low sugar and low caffeine alternatives too.

Mass Builder Protein Powders

We stock another form of protein powder that contains a considerable instant-mass reflexamount of carbohydrates in the mix. This product can help people who are looking to build up their bodies and muscle mass or struggle to gain weight easily. Great for post-workout and very satisfying too as will keep you full for a while! It’s also great if you’re going straight to work after your workout and need your post-workout energy to last until your next meal.

Faster Muscle Tissue Recovery

L-Glutamine is a product widely used in sports to help assist the bodyglutamine muscle repair , just ask at reception in tissue repair and recovery after hard workouts. It can also be great to help prevent muscle loss. We also stock a range of other products similar to this, just ask us at reception which is best for you.

Plenty of Drinks for you to choose from

Our drinks range from bubbles to flat, from protein blends to high energy blends. You name it we stock it! If we don’t stock it, then remember you can order what you need. If you like or love any particular supplements or bars, then you can even buy a whole box of them for yourself! Our protein bars are a great meal replacement if you are on the go and nePhoenix Gym Branded Clothing available at reception.ed to eat something healthy, so you don’t get caught out by a takeaway meal!

Phoenix Clothing

Our Phoenix Clothing brand is fantastic quality, and we stock hoodies and training vests. The hoodies are warm and comfortable; the training vests are air tex breathable fabrics to help you keep cool when working out. Ask at reception for details or to try them on.

Phoenix Gym Supplements Shop is open during the gyms opening hours so just have a look at our reception.

Looking for a product we don’t stock, just ask us about availability.