Raising Our Game!

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Whilst closed for Covid-19, we have made some “major refurbishments!” This has not only made us Covid-19 compliant, it has also made your gym experience far more enjoyable.

These changes include: 

  • Brand new male and female changing rooms including – showers, flooring, lighting, vanity units, toilets and benches. Plus, private changing cubicles in the ladies.  
  • More spacious Lockers (still using padlocks) 
  • New crisp LED lighting throughout the entire gym 
  • A new spacious reception area, with a ‘touch-less’ Speed Gate Entry system 
  • Upgraded super fast WIFI for gym entry and better connection whilst in the gym
  • New Gym flooring throughout
  • Foot controlled door opening and closing where necessary, so “no hands!” 
  • A foot pedal activation for the water machine (bottle filling only)
  • A vending machine for your protein, drinks, bars and snacks
  • More space to train and move around as we have removed some walls, corridors and some equipment
  • Big improvements to our ventilation with commercial extractor fans
  • Sun-blinds in unit 3 
  • PLUS you get your own bottle and cloth to take around with you to wipe your equipment down.


We are now cashless so can only accept direct debit or card payments (aside from the vending machine which takes coins also). 

Another reason for going cashless is that is allows us to safely leave the reception area to provide extra cleaning systems and ensure necessary social distancing whilst entering and exiting the club.  

Booking System 

Our member app now has a built in booking system, which helps you (and us) monitor the amount of people within the club, along with the busiest days and times.

You can reserve a “same day” spot at the click of a button up to 60 minutes before you train, which gives you time to you travel to Phoenix. You can also see how many other people are on their way. 

A booking system will likely only be needed for a couple of hours at peak times because we have a fairly high total capacity.

This is helped by the large size of Phoenix Gym as well as the number of equipment stations to choose from. 

There is currently no time restriction on each workout but this is subject to change and will be reviewed if and when necessary. 

Cleaning & Safety 

We have previously installed 14 sanitise stations around that has blue roll, two spray bottles plus a hand sanitiser but more recently we introduced and faster, much more convenient cleaning system for you to clean your machines after use.

You can now take your own personal spray bottle and cloth around the gym with you to save time going back and forth to the sanitise stations and just put the bottle back on the shelf (used bottle shelf) and the used cloth in the washing bin provided. Nice and simple…

We have introduced lot’s of extra cleaning procedures, plus to all the equipment and regular touch points are cleaned multiple times per day.

New Covid-19 Gym Rules

To ensure all businesses remain open and to avoid any possible cross infection of Covid-19, the following guidance has been instructed by the government:
– No spotting or sharing equipment with other people is currently allowed unless you live within the same household. 
– You must wipe down the equipment that you use to make sure that no transmission can be possible. 
– No gym towels are allowed on the gym floor hence why there are 14 blue roll stations conveniently around the gym for you. 
– Maintain social distancing. 
– The usual wash your hands regularly, catch any coughs and the most important:

Re-Starting Your Membership 

If you are an old member and would like to restart your membership then you will need to do this within the club so that we can remove the joining fee for you.

If you have visited us for a tour or day pass but never been a member then you can join online here.

Visiting on a Day Pass

You can buy a day pass online here. You will be sent an email to download the member app so that you can then scan in through the reception gate.

Buying further day passes or memberships is then literally just a couple of clicks to make payment and scan in.

Social Distancing 

You will notice social distancing guidelines around the club. Please follow these and be respectful of other members.

The government has recommended that you try to get changed before you visit the gym and shower at home afterwards if possible, to avoid higher usage of the changing facilities. 

Our brand new changing rooms are there for you to use though if this is not possible for you. 

Nearly all our strength training machines are at least 2 metres apart and the cardio machines have screens in between them for your safety. Only a few machines have screen dividers in between them where the 2 metre goal has not been possible. 

See You Soon

It’s soon time to “Raise Your Game” again at Phoenix and we really look forward to seeing you soon! 

Team Phoenix 

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Mark Bone is the Managing Director of Phoenix Gym Norwich and has been helping people transform their bodies since 1998. Mark has an extensive background and experience in many aspects of physical training, motivation and nutritional advice, especially in weight loss, corrective exercise, strength and conditioning for Boxing and injury rehabilitation.

Mark has trained professional athletes, written articles for magazines, assisted Channel 4 for a short weight loss series, done interviews for Norwich Radio and taught weight loss programmes. Mark now uses his skills and experience to train Personal Trainers within Phoenix Gym to ensure clients and members get the best results and most enjoyable experience possible.