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At Phoenix Gym, we are known in the industry to have the most experienced, high quality team of both male and female personal trainers in Norwich, to help you get the most out of your workouts.

They are not only qualified and insured, but genuine, passionate and have learnt from some of the best, adhering to a strict code of ethical practice! Phoenix Gym’s Motto is “Raise Your Game”, and that’s exactly what drives us, every workout, every time! 

All our personal trainers have a lot of in house training and support from very experienced personal trainers. Some, with more than 15-20 years experience each, who now run the gym and support the rest of the team. 

Atmosphere is Everything at Phoenix and we want your workout to be the best part of your day, always focused on achieving great results and enjoying the process!

If you’re not walking out the door feeling completely satisfied that you gave your best and one workout closer to your goals, then we will not be able to sleep at night! This is what we live for, and we want for you!

The quality of the service that a personal trainer can provide is greatly influenced by the quality and choice of the equipment and facilities available. Some corporate gyms have quite basic equipment and are over crowded full of people, so the trainer can’t provide the best workout possible. 

Often, they have to think on their feet and provide secondary options which are not as beneficial or as appropriate for the client. Or they have to cut things out of the workouts altogether and pretend to complete a workout, without the client being any the wiser. 


Phoenix Gym is never rammed full of hundreds of members at any one time and we intentionally have multiple options for all exercises so that our personal trainers and members can always get onto the equipment they need, without having to lower the quality or results of the workout. 

A lot of thought, experience and expense has gone into the Phoenix equipment selection for all of these reasons. As your experience grows in understanding exercises and workout designs, you start to see a clear difference from budget and corporate gym equipment and really do enjoy the Phoenix difference. 

When you combine an equipment selection, fit for the gods, along with the wise guidance of an experienced personal trainer, you quickly and confidently experience Raising Your Game and loving the process. Well as much as possible anyway… 


There is a great deal more to achieving your physical and lifestyle goals than merely turning up to a gym and doing a few workouts!

We consider ourselves “coaches” as we use a holistic approach to your sessions, which includes a keen eye on your diet, motivation, attitudes and lifestyle habits!

After all “you can’t out train a bad diet”, you can’t get to the gym without “being committed to owning your daily habits” and without learning an “I can do this” attitude.

Without this holistic approach, you will very likely fall short of your targets and we don’t want that for you. We train the whole of you, your mind as well as your body to build your knowledge, confidence and eventual independence.


If your trainer just counts reps and says “same time next week” without regularly taking your measurements or some kind of visual or performance based comparison, then drop them as soon as possible! 

You should always be improving, trying new things to keep you motivated and focused on feeling good and then maintaining your hard earned physical and mental achievements. 

At Phoenix our Personal Training team have the ability to regularly measure your body composition progress with Norwich’s only FIT3D Body Scanner!

The FIT3D Body Scanner is the next generation of motivation and body composition assessment.

This impressive machine is in a private room and takes 1200 images of your body to create a perfect 3D avatar, acting like a before picture, but this machine also takes full body measurements, a postural and balance assessment, body fat %, muscle mass and did we mention extremely visual 3D images, so that you know exactly where you are now.

Subsequent scans then provide a before and after comparison and lets you know the differences in terms of body fat, muscle mass, full body measurements and of course you can visually see postural and shape differences, side by side. 

This is hugely motivational and gives you 100% accountability to both yourself and your personal trainer. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.


Our Phoenix Gym based Personal Trainers also have the use of a “Private Training Studio” for those of you who may feel shy or initially intimidated to work out in the main gym.

Everyone is super friendly here at Phoenix but having a private space to help build your confidence initially can be priceless!

The Private Personal Training Studio allows you to workout with your personal trainer without worrying about other gym users around you!

Here you can get a full body workout, so that you not only feel comfortable but also get the best results possible and the biggest bang for your buck. Nice!

The private studio, also has a boxing ring and everything needed for a fully charged boxing workout! Plus at Phoenix, we have a dedicated Boxing Zone with an assortment of punch bags and box-master!

Once again, this is something that no other traditional gym has, so you can be rest assured that you are getting a top quality service that you won’t get anywhere else, that none of your friends would be receiving and will surely be envious of.


Each trainer specialises in different areas and has varying levels of experience and qualifications to draw upon.

Therefore each of our Personal Trainers charge a slightly different rate and package their sessions differently accordingly.

We recommend that you view our Trainer profiles to see which trainer you believe would be the best fit for you then contact them directly for their prices, availability and a consultation.


You will need to contact the personal trainer you have in mind directly to find out their working hours as each trainer will have different availability. All our personal trainers provide a free consultation so you have nothing to lose. 


Contact the relevant personal trainer that you would like to work with directly, or you can ask us to help you choose, who we believe would be the best trainer to work with you, based on your training goals.

You can contact us for any further information or questions you may have or Meet the Team HERE.

New DD and annual members, get 2 x Free personal training sessions with a staff PT’s, during their working hours. Non shift, fully self employed Personal trainers do not provide these introductory personal training sessions.

Most of our personal trainers provide a free consultation but not all so you will need to find this out in advance.


Here are some of the benefits of personal training:

  • Improving Exercise Form/Technique: A Personal Trainer will help you to not only perform exercises correctly and safely, they can show you how to modify your form, so that you are targeting the right muscles, in the right way, for your body type, comfort and goals. These tweaks in technique also help to prevent injuries, aches and pains.
  • Extra Knowledge and Quality Experience: Rather than watching other members in the gym and wondering why they are doing new and exciting exercises. A personal trainer will tailor exercises specifically for you, without needing to do the research yourself, or having to trial and error things that you research google. Everyone is unique, so what might be appropriate for one person, is most likely, not be for another.
  • Pushing you to Find Safe Limits: Personal Trainers know how hard to push their clients. It’s their job to help you find your limits safely, so that you now how hard to push yourself to get the best results, but also not push yourself too far so that you get injured. This requires passionate and motivational encouragement, to bring out the best in you and avoid plateau’s in results.
  • Accountability: Sometimes, the hardest part about a workout is walking through the door and simply turning up. Having a Personal Training session booked in, keeps you motivated to turn up, so that you don’t let your trainer and yourself down. This can be especially important for beginners or very busy people. Having consistency with workouts makes them easier and far more enjoyable. This makes the turning up next time that little bit easier as you start to look forward to the sessions rather than dread them.
  • A Tailored Workout Programme: Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all strategy when it comes to creating a quality exercise programme. Personal Trainers will create a specific programme to suit your goals, needs, abilities and posture, making sure it is both challenging and achievable. For example, women may not want to be doing heavy squats and deadlifts if they want a tiny waste to glute and shoulder ratio and men may need to focus more shoulders, back and arms, whilst improving their diet to trim down the tummy, to get the best looking results for their physique. A tailored approach can provide way faster and greater results in the shortest time.

Mark Bone

About the author

Mark Bone is the Managing Director of Phoenix Gym Norwich and has been a Master level personal trainer and sports therapist since 1998. Mark has an extensive background and experience in all aspects of personal training and lifestyle coaching, from fat loss, general health improvement, motivation, strength and conditioning with professional athletes and currently specialises in corrective exercise.

Mark has written articles for magazines, assisted Channel 4 for a short weight loss series, done interviews for Norwich Radio (and most local and some national new outlets including the BBC) and taught weight loss programmes. Mark now uses his skills and experience to train Personal Trainers within Phoenix Gym to ensure that the trainers, clients and gym members all get the best results and most enjoyable experience possible.