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Balanced Diet - Phoenix Gym norwich

Diet can account for up to 80% of an effective fat loss strategy and around 60% for building muscle! And if you are looking to improve your overall health and feeling of vitality and well-being then your eating habits are extremely important.

So, it’s safe to say that it’s crucial for fat loss results because you can’t out train a poor diet and just not eating can actually make you fatter. Plus, even if you exercise regularly, it doesn’t guarantee that you will be healthy without eating healthier also. 

Studies show that exercise can certainly “off set” some of the negative aspects of a poor diet and a stressful lifestyle, but when you combine both a decent exercise programme with a healthy and balanced dietary strategy, you will really enjoy some health benefits, extra energy and of course better gains with your training!


At Phoenix Gym our team of personal trainers can help you focus your dietary habits towards achieving your specific goals. For some people this will be reducing calories, other increasing calories whilst also increasing or decreasing your daily macro nutrients of carbohydrates, protein and fats. 

There are also many common limiting beliefs around diet such as – simply not eating will help with weight loss or over eating on anything you like is the best way to “bulk” and build muscle. Although both examples have some some truth in them, they certainly don’t show the whole picture. Especially to a specific persons personal circumstance. 

If things were that simple then everyone would be slim, but you only have to take a look around at the average body shape and the statistics in the western world on obesity to see that this is not the case.

Eating habits are very psychological and intrinsically behavioural, so different folks need different strokes and fortunately, there are many different strategies that can be used to achieve different goals. 


Some people work best by having a set diet plan worked out for them to follow and other people need a lot more flexibility, due to their more chaotic lifestyle, instead needing to follow principles. others work well with intermittent fasting and others need a blended approach that may change during the week compared to the weekend.

To find out which strategy would work best for you and to achieve the results that you desire then contact one of our personal trainers, that you wish to work with and they will show you the way that works best for you.


All new Phoenix Gym members receive 2 x FREE 60 minute personal training sessions when they sign up. Most of our personal trainers provide a free consultation and also provide nutritional advice support.

Mark Bone

About the author

Mark Bone is the Managing Director of Phoenix Gym Norwich and has been a Master level personal trainer and sports therapist since 1998. Mark has an extensive background and experience in all aspects of personal training and lifestyle coaching, from fat loss, general health improvement, motivation, strength and conditioning with professional athletes and currently specialises in corrective exercise.

Mark has written articles for magazines, assisted Channel 4 for a short weight loss series, done interviews for Norwich Radio (and most local and some national new outlets including the BBC) and taught weight loss programmes. Mark now uses his skills and experience to train Personal Trainers within Phoenix Gym to ensure that the trainers, clients and gym members all get the best results and most enjoyable experience possible.