Training for Bikini Posing Coach at Phoenix Gym

Your goal: competition posing training for bikini for figure class

Competition Posing Coaching at its Best

Jaw Dropping Posing is crucial if you’re wanting to take your Stage Presense to the next level. If you are considering a bodybuilding show in the Bikini Class then we have 1-2-1 Posing coaching available for you. Sessions are offered with Lorna who is the Former British Bikini Champion 2016 and has a vast amount to teach anyone who is beginning in this competitive area!

Competition Posing coaching for Bikini girls at Phoenix Gym Norwich

Lorna Taylor, PT and Competition Posing coach at Phoenix Gym Norwich.

Posing Training in the Bikini Class

Learn how to:

  1. Unlock your Ultimate Stage confidence
  2. Perform the right poses for you and your posture
  3. Walk in heels on stage
  4. Avoid the most common mistakes people make
  5.  T-Walk and I-Walk like a Pro
  6.  Master the Quarter Turns
  7.  Understand the Federations Rule and requirements
  8.  Gain Hair and makeup advice
  9.  Last 4 weeks Prep tips
  10.  2-week transformations
  11.  Overall Presentation
  12.  Routine Creations (figure girls only)

 For bikini class and figure girls competition posing coaching competition posing coaching for bikini girls

Bikini Competition Posing Coaching at its Best

Personal Training Gets Results!

“It was great to have a one to one session designed specifically to help me as an individual with my own personal style and poses to suit my body type. It was very informative but she also made it fun.”

Emma R

Leave no stone unturned and allow the judges to see you shine above the competition!

Lorna has over 10 years experience in the industry, is a qualified Personal trainer, and former British Champion.

Book Lorna today for your first posing lesson, just £40 for 1 hour. Contact her at or call 07816 259039.