Training for Boxing Fitness at Phoenix Gym

Boxing Fitness Norwich

Boxing fitness training is incredibly fun and challenging all at the same time!

But because it’s so much fun you don’t notice just how tough it really is and the time flies by incredibly fast.

At Phoenix Gym we have the best equipped boxing area out of any major gym in Norwich, so whether you want to pop in and pound away at the punch bags to relieve some stress, sneak in some extra boxing training between boxing club sessions or learn some specific boxing skills to then go on to compete in a boxing match, Phoenix has everything you need.

Boxing Equipment Available

You can choose between a lighter full length punch bag to move all the way around, a heavy maze ball to bash away at with upper cuts, hooks as well as straights or Norwich’s one and only Boxmaster which simulates someone holding pads for you.

There are also skipping ropes available for you.

If you don’t know what a Boxmaster is then here is Sasha one of our Personal Trainers showing you what it’s all about:

Getting you Fighting Fit

The boxing equipment is in our fully equipped functional fitness zone which has everything you need to get you fit and blow off some steam.

Here you can compliment your bag work with everything from tyre flipping, slam balls, TRX, kettlebells, battling rope, prowler sled or soft plyometric boxes and HIIT cardio equipment such as a curved treadmill or Airliner Bike.

Grab your gloves and Join Here Now.