Training for Boxing Fitness at Phoenix Gym

Boxing MMA Norwich training area at Phoenix Gym Norwich.

Boxing training is so much fun and incredibly tough! But because it’s so fun you don’t notice just how tough it really is and the time flies by incredibly fast. At Phoenix we have the best equipped boxing area out of any gym in Norwich so whether you want to pop in and pound away at the punch bags to relieve some stress, sneak in some extra boxing training between boxing club sessions or learn some specific boxing skills to then go on to compete in a boxing match, our trainers can get you there!

You can choose from a heavy bag, lighter bag, 3 in 1 floor to ceiling bag, a wall bag or a longer mma bag with mma matting underneath it. Something for everyone and to ensure you don’t get bored just using the same old bag all the time.

The boxing area is next to the sports conditioning zone so you can compliment your bag work with everything from tyre flipping, slam balls, bulgarian bags, TRX, kettlebells, battling rope, prowler sled or soft plyometric boxes. Conditioning at it’s best.

Sports specific strength training is also vital to build the strength to carry over to speed conditioning. A stronger muscle can move obstacles quicker and quicker muscles produce more explosive power! So we have everything you need to develop sports specific strength as well as fighting specific conditioning. Everything you need under one roof at Phoenix Gym Norwich.