Training for Fitness & Healthy Lifestyle at Phoenix Gym

Your Goal: Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle

When you combine sitting down for hours at a time, eating fast, convenient take away food, high and chronic stress levels along with inactivity then you are creating an environment inside your body for disease, illness, inflammation along with chronic aches and pains. Not nice!!!

At Phoenix Gym we pay particular attention to training properly for your current ability or inability. Our team of staff are all dedicated personal trainers who can help you focus on improving your mobility, fitness, strength, motivation and vitality. One size does not certainly fit all so we provide each new member with 2 x one hour personal training sessions to help you focus your programme in a way that is best for you.

We always have staff on hand to help you answer questions or talk you through tips and pointers as well as offer encouragement. We provide the option to have a detailed health and body composition analysis which gives you feedback on your amount of muscles mass, body fat, hydration levels as well as 2 health scores. One is called a wellness marker and the other is called a phase angle. You can see the full details of these on the Body Composition Page.

So, if you feel tired all the time, stressed and full of excuses not to exercise, or have short or long term health concerns that you need to do something about, then we can help you turn things around and get that vitality back in your step. It’s time to get up, get moving, eat and train like you want to feel good!