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Health and Fitness in Norwich 

As we get older our health and fitness becomes more and more important to us and for very good reasons. Our bodies are changing, slowing down, less resilient and we are not able to bounce back from aches, pains and injuries quite like we used to.  

When you combine this with sitting down for hours at a time, consuming less than healthy food and drink, enduring high stress levels and a sedentary lifestyle then you are creating an environment inside your body that leads to inflammation, disease, illness, chronic aches and pains or worse. 

The psychological impact of any or all of these things can make us feel anxious about our current and future health, leading to negative thinking spirals which impacts our physical health in many ways.

This can then lead to more unhealthy habits such as drinking excessive alcohol or comfort eating to name but a few.

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So What Now?  

Exercise is clearly an incredibly important part to staying fit and healthy as we get older so find yourself the Best Gym facility for you that not only has all the equipment but also has a great friendly team of Personal Trainers and a supportive atmosphere from the other members.

This way you should be gaining valuable social benefits and accountability along with your resistance, cardio and mobility exercise benefits. 

The accountability you receive should include body composition comparisons, dietary, hydration and life-style advice to keep your thermostat on track and you in control of your body, mind and life-style. 

Whether it’s Phoenix Gym if you live in Norwich or somewhere more convenient for you elsewhere that ticks all the boxes, don’t let price be your primary driver for a facility or personal trainer because that can be very false economy.

What’s the point in getting a cheap service if you’re not motivated to use it or don’t get what you want/need? 

The same goes for convenience, if an extra ten minutes drive means the difference of you actually going on a regular basis then is your health and fitness not worth it?

Good luck and just take it one habit at a time, one day a time. 

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