Training for Muscle/Body Building at Phoenix Gym

Andy Clarke Bodybuilder

There is a real science to building muscle and you can easily achieve twice the results within the same amount of time if you’re currently making wasteful mistakes. Diet and lifestyle habits can account for around 60% of muscle building gains, so learning how to combine the right exercises, psychology, diet, supplementation, work ethic and other life-style tactics for your personalised programme can pay off – big!

Body Building is about symmetry. It’s not just about getting bigger muscles, it’s about getting bigger muscles in the right places. The legendary Arnold schwarzenegger was not necessarily the biggest man on the stage but his symmetry was amazing.

It’s easy to make mistakes like focusing your training on the muscles you enjoy or see in the mirror the most or trying to focus on adding weight to the bar to get stronger instead of look better. It takes self discipline and a methodical approach to get your body to look the way you want it to.

Genetics have a huge part to play with what your over all frame will look like, after all if you 5 foot 6 with shorter levers then you will develop muscle and shape very differently than if you are 6 foot 4 inches. However regardless of your height, shape and basic structure there are very specific tweaks you can do to not only your training but also your diet that will influence your Body Building gains.

At Phoenix Gym we have experienced personal trainers that can help you really focus your training towards the body shape that you desire as well as give you honest feedback and advice of it’s attainment.