Training for Power Lifting at Phoenix Gym

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Power lifting has been rapidly growing from strength to strength as both a sport and a hobby.

Phoenix Gym has a the largest selection of equipment in Norwich including a range of equipment specific for power lifting.

Most gyms do not cater to power lifting for various reasons but at Phoenix we have multiple platforms (4 to be exact) and several places to squat. We also have a dedicated competition standard power lifting station for all 3 lifts.

The main reason people practice and improve their power lifting training at phoenix though is the motivational and supportive atmosphere.

When you combine the right equipment with the right people, you get the right environment to focus on your gains and make your training fun.

Add in a bit of friendly banter and competition as well as like minded goals and you will gain the edge you need to train to your potential.

Phoenix has a huge selection of free weights, plate loaded and resistance machines for you to perform your assistance work as well as an assortment of foal rollers, matting, balls and other self massage torture devices for you to use.

If your looking for a gym to “Raise your Game” then you can Join Here Now.

“Raise your Game!”