Training for Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation at Phoenix Gym

Your Goal: Sport Therapy and Rehabilitation

If you currently have an injury that is hindering your training or you have postural weaknesses that limit your ability to move your training forwards, then we have a great team of therapists and personal trainers who can help you with both injury treatment, rehabilitation and conditioning.

We will not only help alleviate the pain and discomfort but also help you understand what the problem is and advise on exercises to strengthen any imbalances to help you regain full control of your body and prevent further reoccurrences.

Injuries are feedback and nearly always very frustrating, but when dealt with properly they can help you come back stronger than before the injury occurred!

Sports Therapy

Our sports therapists can help you understand the injury and provide manual therapy to alleviate the painful symptoms. Corrective exercises will also be provided.


Our therapists and one of our personal trainers will provide a functional assessment to highlight your strengths and weaknesses and then provide exercises or a full exercise programme based on your needs and wants.

Sports Massage

Deep tissue sports massage helps alleviate painful symptoms and stimulates healing of damaged tissue. Regular massage can help prevent injuries as well as increase performance and recovery.

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