Training for Sports Specific Conditioning at Phoenix Gym

trye flip machine at Phoenix gym Norwich

Every sport is different and therefore we need to train differently for every sport. We all have different strengths and weaknesses therefore we need to identify and prioritise how we spend our time in the gym between practice sessions. If you play in a sport that has seasons then you will also likely need to train in phases, called periodisation, to help prepare you for the next phase and ideally “peak” in performance when it’s game time.

At phoenix Gym we have everything you may need to improve your strength and conditioning goals. From combo squat racks with integrated lifting platforms to muscle up bars, a prowler sled, farmers walk, soft plyometric boxes, slam balls, bulgarian bags, TRX, H.I.T.T training and mobility and self baggage equipment.

Phoenix boasts the largest range and strength and functional training equipment in Norwich so everything you could ever need for your assistance work. One of the best things about Phoenix though is the results focused training atmosphere!!

If you need a little extra helping hand or a complete programme to help you get fitter and stronger to perform better for your sport then get in touch with our team of trainers to help you “Raise your Game!”