Training for Weight Loss at Phoenix Gym

If your major goal is to blow torch body fat, tone up those wobbly bits and be able to look in a mirror without feeling down then you have to use a winning weight loss strategy that not only helps you get that excess fat off your body quick enough to keep you motivated but also tone you up at the same time building your metabolism rather than destroying it through over dieting.

Did you know that when excessively dieting alone, up to 40% of the weight lost can actually come from muscle!!! That’s really not a good thing because your metabolism is controlled in part by the amount of muscle that you have. Basically the more muscle the more efficient your metabolism and the more energy you burn even whilst you are sleeping. Nice…

Dieting Alone Doesn’t Work Long Term

This is one of the reasons why dieting alone doesn’t work very well for long term weight loss and management. A slower metabolism and grumpy hormones will inevitably lead to rebounding and then gaining more weight than before you started, ouch!

Classic Yo Yo dieting and fat loss failure can be easily avoided by including a well tailored weight training programme in to your fat loss strategy. You can also throw some strategic cardio in there or combination workouts that include both weights and cardio at the same time for good old time management.

Results, Results, Results! 

By performing regular weight training whilst dieting you will not only be preserving your building muscle but also building some. This means that most of, if not all of that weight lost is from FAT and not NOT MUSCLE wasting away so that when you achieve your goal “weight” your muscles will be stronger and more toned, better shaped and your posture will be more upright with your metabolism higher and not lower! Now that is awesome because it means that you can get away with more treats maintaining your new body! Oh yeeaaa…

Results Often Mean Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone! 

Exercise needs to be fun yes but it also needs to be effective otherwise all the Zumba laughs in the world won’t keep you moving forwards if your not seeing results. Consistency is key, winning one day at a time and seeing real results are what keep you going when the going get’s tough and the really challenging days kick you in the face and then temp you to skip a workout, eat that piece of cake or give up on your goals and hide away. in self pity.

Weight Training for Effective Fat Loss 

Weight training is an absolute must! Not only does it burn energy but it depletes your Glycogen/carbohydrate stores on a regular basis (as long as you’re training regularly of course) meaning yes that’s right, you can eat more carbs! mmmm…

Weight Training also raises your metabolism and then makes any cardio that you do more efficient at burning fat because you are using more energy whilst you are doing it. By increasing your muscle mass you are also increasing your resting metabolic rate which means you even you burn more fat whilst sleeping, how cool is that!

Cardio and Fat Loss

Cardio certainly has it’s place but it’s not the be all and end all if your wanting that toned shape once you reach your fat loss goal. By doing cardio alone your shape will just be a slimmer version of how you look now and without strength training excessive cardio can also lead to overuse injuries and postural imbalances. Plus it doesn’t;t help you preserve that muscle anywhere near like weight training does.

HIIT Training AKA High Intensity Interval Training can stimulate similar fibres and hormones to weight training so can produce some pretty cool fat loss results, especially when combined with weight training.

Weights and Cardio Combined

When you combine both weights and cardio (especially in the right order and priorities for your goals) then you will not only speed up your results but also build a strong foundation and metabolism to maintain your your new body shape and weight when you get there.

Weight training forces your body to constantly break down and repair your muscle tissues and glycogen stores (carbohydrates stored in your muscles for energy). This means that the food and drink you take in will all be utilised more efficiently and you will burn more fat as a result. Boom!

Weight training should be at the foundation of your exercise strategy and you can tailor the sets, reps and rest times towards your body type, strengths, weaknesses and performance goals.

Cardio is best performed at the end of a weight training workout because you have pre fatigued your body, depleted your glycogen stores and made sure that your hormones are firing on all cylinders in a nice fat cooking state. You have put your main energy into building your weak areas and main fat burning muscles and fat is swimming around in your blood stream all ready to be burn off nicely.

For time management you can perform some HIIT training on machines that will give you the biggest fat loss bang for your buck or if your are dieting hard and have the time then you can perform some slower, steady state cardio to make sure you preserve your muscle. Both strategies will work and speed up your results.

Enjoy Yourself But Not at the Expense of Your Results

Zumba, walking, Pilates, Aerobics and even jogging can be great fun but should not be the staple of your programme if your looking to improve your bodies shape and tone whilst losing weight. You need to challenge yourself to improve your shape but you can still have fun by finding the right atmosphere, environment and people to work out with.

The same goes for the quality of the personal trainer, fitness or group exercise instructor helping and guiding you. You want to find someone or a team of trainers who are not only nice people but experienced, professional and know their stuff.

If you are regularly doing your weight training or proper group training (where you are lifting heavier weights and not just bodyweight for a token effort) then doing the lower impact exercise in between is way way more effective and you will be getting the best of both worlds. Results & Fun!

Mobility and Flexibility

Now foam rolling, mobility and flexibility exercises are not sexy, they will not burn loads of energy to get you into speedo’s or that bikini you crave but they are still important because they make your feel good and can help you prevent injuries during or after training!

Ignore any articles you may have read to grab people attention saying that stretching is a waste of time because, is isn’t – Fact! Whether you are sitting at desk all day or working on a building site you will have certain muscles that will need a bit of mobility TLC…

Get yourself a postural assessment and tailored mobility warm up and stretching cool down because injuries are the kiss of death to a consistent exercise programme. And if your aching all the time or in pain then it’s just not fun is it. So stretch, foam roll and be merry.

Be Consistent and Persistent 

Find a gym or studio that is convenient for you to get to regularly and ticks all the boxes above. But the most convenient gym may not be the best gym for you if it’s too crowded and under equipped and you can’t actually get on any decent equipment.

Also, if the staff are under qualified and inexperienced then you will not get the right programme for you or sufficient help to keep you going thereafter. You need trainers who not only care about your results but who have the skills to turn your goals into reality. When you get the right advice your hard work and persistence pays off by seeing results and keeping you consistent.

Get Accurate Feedback Combined with Experienced Advice 

In order to know that you are losing body fat and not muscle then you need to use more than your bathroom scales to measure your results. the main reason is that your scales are only telling you your weight (which can fluctuate by 2-5lbs on a daily basis quite easily, sometimes more.

There are many forms of body composition assessment out and some are certainly better than other with different advantages and disadvantages.

One brand new highly motivational method of assessment out now is the FIT3D Body Scanner which not only tells you your body fat, muscle mass and full body measurements, it also shows you a detailed postural analysis and what your body actually looks like in 3D! You can find out more about Norwich’s only FIT3D Body Scanner by clicking here.

Not all Gym’s are Created Equal

Budget gyms are great if you need to train at midnight or crazy hours due to work but tend to buy in cheap equipment so that they can grow their chains of businesses as quick as possible and most of the staff are under qualified and inexperienced. Not a great combination for results. This could be why budget gyms are popping up everywhere and gyms membership stats are going up and look impressive but so too is the rate of obesity along side it, so just how good are these gyms really?

Most large chain corporate gyms put a lot of their floor space into swimming pools, cafe’s and other leisure services which seem great but don’t get you results and make you pay a higher monthly membership. They tend to attract new personal trainers into the industry who are looking for work to gain experience and they are over worked and under paid. Once they become more established and experienced they usually move on to another club or studio where they are paid what they are worth and not taken advantage of.

Phoenix Voted “The Best Gym in Norwich” for the last 3 Years

Phoenix has been designed to overcome all the main barriers to consistency and has the largest variety of gym equipment in Norwich so that your workouts never get boring ever again. There are multiples of all the main stations of equipment to avoid mind numbing queuing and allows you to get a full workout into a short period of time and there is equipment for every training goal, posture type and level of experience.

This way even when you become more experienced over time you will not hit a ceiling via basic equipment holding you back. If you have knee, back, hip or shoulder issues then no problem, we have more advanced equipment that allows you to train around these imbalances. And if you want to take your training and results to the next level then we have everything you could possible want and more.

Have a Free Day Pass or Free Consultation 

But heck, don’t take our word for it, book yourself in for a free day trial and you can come and visit us to see the Phoenix difference for yourself.

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