Training for Weight Loss at Phoenix Gym

If your major goal is to blow torch body fat, tone up your wobbly bits or feel proud of who you see in the mirror then you have to use a winning weight loss strategy.

Check out our Free Article on: The Truth about Weight Loss VS Fat Loss which can help save you from Yo Yo dieting and if your interested in the best ways to train to burn fat and keep it off for good then check out The Ultimate Fat Loss Guide!

These articles not only help you understand the best way to get that excess fat off your body, quick enough to keep you motivated, but also tone you up at the same time whilst building your metabolism, rather than destroying it through over dieting.

FIT3D Body Scanning Available 

In order to know that you are losing body fat and not muscle when dieting then you need to use more than your bathroom scales to measure your results.

Scales don’t provide your actual body composition, only your total weight, which can fluctuate greatly for many reasons, so using scales can really mess with your mind and actually demotivate you, even you are actually getting good results.

Our highly motivational method of assessment is the FIT3D Body Scanner which not only tells you your body fat, muscle mass and full body measurements, it also shows you a detailed postural analysis and what your body actually looks like in 3D!

You can find out more about Norwich’s only FIT3D Body Scanner by clicking here.


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