Training for Weight Loss & Toning at Phoenix Gym

Your Goal: Weight Loss and Toning

Trimming off those extra pounds can sometimes be very frustrating. But with just the right specific guidance personalising your exercise programme and eating habits, it can take the hassle and confusion right away.

Some of us need accountability and to have exercise sessions booked with a trainer who will get onto us if we don’t turn up and other need tailored knowledge of exactly what to do to crack the fat loss code consistently. And most people need a bit of support from someone who actually gives a damn about you achieving your results!

Whatever your goals are for hiring a personal trainer, at Phoenix we take your results very seriously whilst helping you see the enjoyable side of exercise and taking charge of your life-style. Our team of personal trainers are experts on how to shift body fat fast or slowly depending on your current level of commitment and personal goals!

Whether you have 7 stone to lose and keep off for good or a stone to shift in 6 weeks for an up and coming holiday, we can help you. Fat loss is simple when you know how, especially when you combine the right types of exercise for your body type, level of experience and skill.

It’s important to keep your exercise sessions interesting, motivating and challenging so that you put the necessary demands on your body and metabolism for consistent results, as well as stay focused and committed. And when you are regularly seeing results then well, you are onto a winner!

At Phoenix Gym Norwich we have a huge selection of torture devices, I mean exercise equipment to help put you through your paces and we also have a private personal training if you feel self conscious in a gym environment!

We provide the most “accurate” form of body composition analysis in Norwich also with the Bodystat 1500MDD test so that you can measure your progress confidently and talk through the results with an experienced personal trainer.

To book a consultation with the trainer of your choice simply click on the trainer that wish to contact to view their profile and click on their email address or give them a call.