Suddenly Everything is coming together !

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I first started coming to the gym around 8 years ago and started training with Mark who is the managing director of Phoenix. I wanted to improve my physique and definition and because I had slipped into a comfort zone a little bit I just needed a little help. Now I’m getting better all the time!

I’m learning to do things spot on correctly and isolation each muscle and making sure everything is perfect form. My goal is to look fuller in my muscles and to eat the right foods to do so. My biggest goal though is to be in the best shape of my life when I turn 60!

Suddenly this year everything is coming together in the gym and I’m starting to feel much younger! To get the full benefit from this I know I must train at phoenix 3 days a week though.

Phoenix has turned into such a nice gym, its a great atmosphere and the staff are always pleasant and say hello. If you need help with anything at all there is always someone there to show you what to do.

If your looking to join but your not sure about it, the best thing to do is just get yourself to the main reception and from there its so easy as you will see everyone is so friendly and will show you around etc.

Biggest tip from me though for people new to training is to find yourself a decent personal trainer, preferably one of the highly qualified personal trainers at phoenix as they are there to show you how to maximise your workouts and get the best form on exercises possible.


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