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I came across Phoenix Gym as I needed to find a new gym because I was no longer happy at my old one for various reasons.
When I train here its usually to prevent injury’s and rehabilitate anything I need to as am a professional dance, yoga teacher. Another reason I love phoenix as I feel I can just pop in and do my thing and not have to teach anyone anything!  I’m not looking to get bigger or
or thinner or happier or anything,  its really just for wellbeing and I enjoy the atmosphere and break from my profession.
Overall I think I am better stronger and more flexible as result of training here.
I like the atmosphere in this gym and the fact that everyone comes here to seemingly train for results whether it be 23 year old strong men and girls or people in their retirement who are just working to keep their longevity and fitness.
There is no posing around by members, unless its on some professional level and everyone is kind of doing their own things.
I feel its a very focused atmosphere .. a place where people ‘choose’ to come. If I went to another gym I would kind of have to have very good reason to as I feel I would kind of be missing out or losing something especially as you feel like you are part of something here. Members also just love the equipment as some of it is rare.
Because its a small business you get to know everyone and you can ask for various things to be changed which the directors always seem to consider  if its going to improve the gym and member satisfaction which I like.
I dont feel like I stand out here for some reason, I used to feel that I was a little different but here
I just do my thing without worrying im a little different as clearly there are a lot of various abilities and types of people here.
I feel like its more taloried than other places Ive trained, especially in view of the equipment!
The 3 owners have really thought this place out in terms of what they need for a whole range of experience and different areas and rooms to train.  There are lots and lots of very specialist equipment and the members really appreciate it.
Its actually a very friendly place, like any new place,  it might not apprear to be when you first walk in – you might feel daunted at the thought of a new gym,  but dont let that put you off in any way! Always ask for help as everyone you see around are very knowledgeable and so friendly so dont hesitate to ask for help no matter what your levels or abilities.  I have found the Personal Training within the gym very helpful and the managers etc know their  stuff so I still find it a place that I still learn all the time.
ALICE – Age 50

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