Everyone is just amazing and helpful – a good working gym

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“I’m going to be honest.. at the time I was between homes and on the verge of a life disaster and I realised that getting fit and joining a club like Phoenix might help me to feel better about myself whilst sorting it all out. I’ve been a regular since then (April 2016) and I’ve not stopped coming since.

My main goals when joining Phoenix were to get healthy and fit both at same time, however My main goal for 2016 is a six pack for Xmas and I now believe it’s gonna be possible!

By watching other members and asking questions from the others at Phoenix is how I’m learning mostly. I watched one of the Phoenix Personal Trainers whilst they were training themselves, then went and asked their advice too, its really easy to train at Phoenix and ask other peoples advice, I.E for the best form for exercises etc.

Seeing my body change and getting the results that I’m working hard for is the best experience at Phoenix – not only myself but it seems everyone else also gets the results.

My experience here also includes the friendliness of the staff because, seriously, without that I just wouldn’t come back.  Everyone is just amazing and helpful and without that I would have definitely found somewhere else to go by now.

It’s just a good working gym, other people are friendly, staff are friendly and if you stick to what your program, which staff will help you with, it will work. If any time I have ever asked them for advice they ALWAYS spend time to explain or show me the ropes. Just come along and see for yourself.

Compared to a lot of other stuff I’ve done in my life to change my body… This is really working – I always say that the best barometer for seeing if your results are working is when you get the ladies attention… and I certainly started to get that more!  Results are now showing as you can see in my progress pictures.”

Daniel Harrison

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