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Here’s 3 Important Things to Consider Before Joining a Gym, so that you “Don’t Waste Your Time and Money!”


When deciding to join a gym, there are many factors that can influence the “best decision for you” because not all gyms are created equal. 

If you need to train at midnight or 4am then a 24/7 gym will likely be the only option for you or if you want to immerse yourself in a swimming pool or spend hours in a sauna, then a health club with these facilities will likely be the best option for you. 


But, if you want to train at a reasonable hour, you don’t want to be paying a premium for a large swimming pool and spa and you actually want to achieve sustainable results then what else is important? 



Yes, convenience is certainly important because you have to be able to fit regular exercise into your lifestyle, but the closest gym to your house or work commute may not always be the best option for you, if you’re not motivated to use it or not actually able to get the results you want. 


The same goes for the cost.

What good is a cheap gym membership at £10 or £18.99pm if you never use it and when you occasionally do, you can’t get on any of the equipment? 

The same goes for a health club.

If you are not using the swimming pool and spa often enough to justify the cost then why pay a premium.

A better equipped gym facility, at half the price (or less) that you actually use and get results is surely a no brainer!?

That’s just money down the drain…

Nobody wants to waste time and money on a gym membership, especially if it also means you’re not getting your well intentioned results. 

You are then losing in two ways!

Sneaky Business Models

Corporate gyms usually either want to trap you into an expensive 12 month contract or make the price so cheap that you don’t notice paying the monthly fee’s, even though you never use it. 

In either business model “You Lose” because you have been sold on “the idea” of using the gym, rather than what you actually need to get results.  

An Alternative Option

For these reasons we wanted to create and alternative option to these cold, calculated gym options, that so many of our members despise. 

There are a few major differences that separate Phoenix Gym from the corporate big boys and we believe that these are the main reasons why Phoenix Gym has won “The Best Gym in Norwich” award for the last 3 consecutive years running. 


1/ Equipment Selection 

Our 40 plus years of combined personal training experience have helped us understand a lot about what equipment clients and members really need, to not only achieve results but to enjoy working out regularly. 


Because if you don’t enjoy working out, then you’re not gonna be consistent enough to get results and just think to yourself “what’s the point” and quit!  


For this reason, Phoenix has the largest range of “carefully chosen” resistance and functional training equipment in Norwich.

This makes your workouts more enjoyable, productive and helps you achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time. 0p 

Cardio VS Weights

The cardio machines in a gym facility should only take up around 1/6th to 1/8th of the total gym floor space.

This is because numerous studies now show that resistance training is where the magic is for weight loss, health, anti-aging, body shaping/toning, stress management and disease prevention.

As well as not having enough resistance training equipment, some corporate gyms only have the most basic and limited equipment selection also.

Even though they look amazing on first impressions, they are often all show with no substance.

Variety is the spice of life and a workout routine is certainly no different.


Without being able to mix your workouts up regularly, you can quickly get bored just “going through the motions” and lose motivation, opening the doors to excuses and plateaus. 


Also, many of us have mobility issues with tight ankles, hips, back or shoulders, so you need alternative equipment options to help you train around these imbalances to get fitter and stronger comfortably and safely. 

If you find that the equipment in corporate gyms is lacking in excitement, variety or you can’t get on any of the equipment you want, then Phoenix Gym will likely be a much better option for you. 

2/ Quality of the Staff 

Are the staff in the club up to the standard you need? 

If you’re an experienced gym veteran and know exactly what you are doing, then you can train at pretty much any gym as long as you enjoy the equipment, environment and culture.


If you need to get off to a purposeful start and want a helping hand along the way though, then you may also want to check out the quality of the staff and advice on offer.  


Unfortunately, a lot of corporate gyms don’t provide a business model that supports experienced personal trainers, so quite often they typically only hire beginners and less experienced personal trainers.

Experience Matters

Phoenix Gym has the most experienced team of personal trainers in Norwich.

This is because we understand that experienced staff can be the the “make or break” for members to achieve long term results. 

We are regularly told that corporate gyms have to hire questionable staff in order to hit their ambitious recruitment targets for expansion and these staff are often be more interested in chatting members up, hiding in offices or just don’t talk to members unless they are buying personal training services. 


This could lead to un safe, poor quality advice on the gym floor and when the going get’s tough and you are struggling with results and feeling frustrated, then it’s the wise words of an experienced personal trainer that can keep you going.


And not surprisingly, in our experience when “good” trainers become “great” trainers they then typically move onto an independent club that support this business option for them. 

3/ Gym Culture 

When you combine an over crowded gym with basic equipment, a limited weights area and inexperienced staff then the atmosphere within the gym can feel cold, clinical and overly competitive for equipment. 


Because corporate gyms are marketing machines and have hundreds of new members joining and leaving every month, this can mean there is little sense of community and camaraderie. 


The staff and members can often feel awkward around each other, forming a sense of unease for the member.

Phoenix Gym Culture  

Now, when you combine a fantastic selection of equipment with experienced, friendly personal trainers then you create an environment that never gets stale. 

Phoenix members say that our atmosphere and environment are second rot none and unique to any other gym in Norwich.


And as a result their workouts are more fun, enjoyable and productive than ever, because they feel like their love for training has come back and are working towards goals again.


They don’t feel any need to have to dress up to look good for the gym.

Instead, they go to the gym to look or feel better and become healthier. 

This is why our members say that Phoenix is gym has ‘heart and Soul’.

Motivational Feedback (FIT3D)

Phoenix also provides Norwich’s only FIT3D Body Scanner.

Scans are Free for Platinum members and discounted for both Gold and Silver members.

If you’re wanting to lose body fat, maintain or gain muscle and boost your motivations then the FIT3D Body Scanner will help you “Raise Your Game!”


We Believe it’s these 3 Reasons why Phoenix has been Independently Voted “The Best Gym in Norwich” for the Last 3 Years Consecutive Running!


So What Now? 

All new Phoenix members receive One FREE personal training session to design you a personalised programme.

All memberships include Free Guest Passes for you to train with friends, family members or work colleagues if you want to.

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See you soon and “Raise Your Game!”

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Mark Bone is the Managing Director of Phoenix Gym Norwich and has been helping people transform their bodies since 1998. Mark has an extensive background and experience in many aspects of physical training, motivation and nutritional advice, especially in weight loss, corrective exercise, strength and conditioning for Boxing and injury rehabilitation.

Mark has trained professional athletes, written articles for magazines, assisted Channel 4 for a short weight loss series, done interviews for Norwich Radio and taught weight loss programmes. Mark now uses his skills and experience to train Personal Trainers within Phoenix Gym to ensure clients and members get the best results and most enjoyable experience possible.